Friday, 29 June 2012


I have been having another go at crazy quilting but rushed in like a bull in a china shop and realise I have gone about it in the wrong way. This morning I have been looking at a lot of blocks and see that you cover the blocks with loads of stitching, how unobservant I am, the first block I made I have added some stitches to the seams and the same with the second block. My SIL came on thursday and asked me to make her a little bag/pouch for her handbag, she likes to have a spare pair of briefs with her being of a certain age!.Well I quickly made one and it was in the post yesterday, only wanted it very small but now wish it had more stitching in, I suppose it is more practical without much as it will be manhandled in a bag all the time. Will post the 2nd attempt and the pouch now.

                                                                        1st attempt slitched

                                                                    2nd attempt, stitched

                                                                 little briefs bag
The first piece used odd bits of fabric I had painted or dyed over the years.
I have just used scraps of fabric I had in a scrap tin for the 2nd and the bag.


Leelagovind said...

i envy you margaret..i love making quilt so much..but dont know the procedure..your quilt tempts me to learn this art..thanks for sharing..

Queeniepatch said...

Hi, Margaret,
Remember there are no rules about crazy quilts and you can do whatever you want. I agree for things that are going to be manhandled it is better with fewer stitches and no charms. For a decorative item, like a wall quilt, you can really go to town.

KippysSoMature said...

Oh Margaret! You are such a wonderful encouragement to me - it all looks wonderful! I am eager to try the crazy quilting - am holding fast just trying to keep up with TAST :) thank you for your posts!

Pippa's quilts said...

what a lovely gift perfect for its intended use. look at
for hundreds of different crazy quilts.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Every girl of a certain age needs a "spare knickers" bag! This is a great idea! There are other personal things the bag could be used for, before one reaches that certain age. I like the second bag with all the texture.

Linda said...

What a lovely idea Margaret. I think the way this little bag is going to be used means it really doesn't need a lot of adornment. There is plenty of time for lots of embellishment when you make something that will be seen and used a lot. Remember, the beauty of this work is that is there are simply no rules!! BTW, I love those fabrics you've coloured yourself. Cheers.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

I have yet to begin crazy quilt stitching. Your little bag looks very neat and what a nice gift for your friend.

shirley said...

Nargaret I love what you have done with your cq you are very clever and very neat in your work. Keep going girl we all love to see what you do.