Wednesday, 23 July 2014

crazy quilting

Today I would like to share first of all a photo of my beautiful granddaughter Sal     here she is about to go to here prom.

It seems strange that she has reached the age of 16, does not seem long ago that we welcomed her into the extended family,  my only grandchild.

Today is her Mum`s birthday,  even more amazing that it is 42 years since Catherine was born.

We now wait to see how well Sal has done in her GCSE`s and what she will do next,  a few ideas floating around from doing A levels to health and beauty,  the police force was considered but this seems unlikely due to her ankle that was so badly broken 2 years ago,  she is still unable to play contact sport and is not a lover of exercise anyway, the police force needs you to be pretty agile!

I am a very proud grandmother.

Now for my CQJP piece for july

I am also sharing the little bunny quilts BOM which this month is a Martha Washington star

I am enjoying this BOM, I expect it has something to do with having my background fabric green which is my favourite colour and I got a massive piece of this fabric,  think it was £5, the man was clearing out his warehouse,  when I washed the fabric and checked there was over 8 metres in the piece so a fantastic buy   100% cotton too.

We are enjoying a lovely hot spell here in Leeds,   schools have now broken up so no doubt the weather will change now the children are home for 6 weeks.   I thought I would share a few photos of the plants in my garden which when I moved in was just privet hedges, grass and weeds.

this is a close up of a rose bush I bought in memory of my dear Mum.   It has been in the garden for nearly 7 years and has the loveliest  flowers plus a nice scent.

here is my magnolia, another rose bush, the tree trunk is a gum tree which I need to cut down as if it were to fall in the wind it would land on my next door neighbour`s greenhouse.  I will crop it then keep in pruned as a bush, hopefully that  will work. Like to have a gum tree as my Dad was born and brought up in Australia.Memory has deserted me for the moment  re the other bush oh yes   memory back I think it is a fatsia japonica.

This is the top of the back garden,  the fence was put up last year as there were privets that were tree size that I could not maintain. The oak tree will take years to establish, must have been in 5 years now also there is a holly, broom, white lilac. pieris, large rose bush and other bits and pieces, to the left I have planted a silver birch and to the left is a  mountain ash (I think) that has got berries on for the first time this year. I also have 2 apple trees, one cherry, 2 pear and 1 plum,  apples are doing well, no pears and 5 plums,  all the cherries the birds have eaten.  Various other shrubs etc down the sides of the garden,  will share some more photos another day

this is the rose bush that the earlier photo is of. Also a hydrangea which the rose is tending to take over, will prune the rose right back when it is time to prune,  and a mahonia

                                                           What a beauty this hydrangea is

think that is enough for today  I will be sharing the 6   yes 6 flimsies I now have waiting to be quilted in my next blog

Monday, 14 July 2014

stitching catch up

I had not realised it was so long since I had blogged till I had an email asking if I was okay,  thanks Mary for your concern.
Well time has flown and not only have I the july hexie to add but the june one is also being uploaded.

the june item is a flower

                                                                    july is an icecream,   why not have a mixture,  here we have chocolate, tangerine, strawberry and raspberry      delicious   or should I say naughty but nice!

I have not been happy with the binding on the 2013 crazy wallhanging for some time now so removed it and decided to do a scrappy one,  partly so I could put it into a quilt show,   the best plans go wrong but here is the photo

I have not got this done very well and it cannot go to the show as it is too small!    never mind one day I will enter something.It is by no means straight,   do not know where I went wrong but do not plan to try and put it right,  it will just go in a drawer for now.

The batik wheels cushion was in the tour de france show after all,  the rumour about white was incorrect.

Well that is all for now,  I will do a further blog in a few days with the other bits and pieces on

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Tour de France

I live in West Yorkshire where the Tour de France is starting from and our MQG is entering into an exhibition on the theme of wheels.  Of course I did not read the instructions fully and now realise after reading Quilt Sue`s blog that mine in incorrect.  Apparently it should have a white background,  no white at all on mine!  The pieces are then going on the the quilt show in Harrogate at the end of august but mine does not qualify for that either as the cushion size must not be more than 18" and mine is 19", never mind I quite enjoyed using up some old batik fabrics,  the test was getting the circle right,  not 100% circular but have done my best.  I have hand quilted it with Oliver Twist hand dyed threads.I will take it to our next meeting just to show what should not have been done

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

wristwatch quilt, CQJP june

This last few weeks I have been doing the wristwatch quilt that Paula of Sassy quilters did through Bear Creek web site.    Once again it is for Helen hence the pink and grey.   Now all blocks together and it is at the flimsy stage but problems re the quilting,  as there is so much blank space it needs accurate quilting so think it needs to go to bed for a few years.  I have lots of the grey fabric,  5 yards which I picked up for £5, she wants that on the back too, rather boring but if it is what she wants!

Helen is not only  into pink and grey   she is also into butterflies so this fabric has worked very well.  Now you can see the problem with all the plain areas for quilting.  The quilt measures 60" x 60"

Yesterday I worked on Helen`s crazy block for june

  I have more to do on this one, the grey cat fabric at the bottom needs seam treatment and a few more bits would not be a bad thing but it will be cut down slightly when I put them all together.  Rather like my butterfly,  it is from the fabric I used in the wristwatch quilt, I bonded the butterfly then added some straight stitches and french knots.   I struggle with this colour range but Helen seems to approve so that means all is okay.

I live in West Yorkshire where the tour de France starts so our MQG have been invited to make things based on wheels for an exhibition that will run in july in Harrogate   I have made something,  not sure it will be accepted, I take it to the meeting on 21st, if approved I will put a photo on here.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

a finished quilt

I have finally finished the mini 24 block Tula Pink sampler quilt,  it has been waiting for the quilting and binding and now it is done.   I used my bernina and walking foot but still having problems re the weight and sometimes not feeding through but I will improve in time.  Each block has been quilted individually with a matching thread for the block and different patterns too and the black sashing has just been straight line quilted either side of then seams.  Finished size 33" x 38"

Overall I am happy with it and it sits on the back of my 2 seat sofa,    will probably do another one the same size for the other sofa and then use the left over 52 blocks for a larger quilt.

Also done the bee blessed block for june, called a scrappy  but classy block.There will  not be another one till september.

Another block also from the QCQAL with Alison at little bunny quilts, the Dutchman`s puzzle,  I am not so sure using the green as a background fabric is the right choice but too late to change as I have done 8 blocks and green is my favourite colour.

I have decided to ignore google + completely so anyone that has asked me to link to it it is nothing personal but I do not understand what it is all about. and it seems it effects blogger so will keep my distance.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Embroidery friends, Malvern

I am a member of the group Embroidery friends,  it was formed when the Embroiderers Guild updated there web site and decided they would no longer have a members forum so this breakaway group was formed which is open to anyone not just Embroidery Guild members,  just as well as I did not renew my membership last year.   Anyway some of us got together to do a round robin.  There were 10 of us from around the globe and we each choose what we wanted our piece to be based on..  My theme was gardens and I posted a photo of the bird bath I had stitched.  To cut a long story short I received my piece back a couple of weeks ago and I am delighted with what everyone has stitched,  here is a photo

Isn`t it a beautiful piece,  have now to decide what to do with it once I can get the creases ironed out.

Now for a few more photos from the Malvern quilt show

              this is to me a cheerful quilt   not sure why but it reminds me of smiley faces

maybe one day I will have mastered applique,   well in my dreams if not on a quilt

                                  love quilts that tell a story  and this one has lots to see.

                               I would not mind living in one of these cottages

                                 as you can see this one got some awards,  beautiful isn`t it.
   hope you enjoy these

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Malvern quilt show

I am now home following my few days in London,     re the quilt show,  unfortunately I woke at 3.30am with a bad migraine which did not shift and led to violent sickness but by 9.30 we left for Malvern,  I slept all the way in the car and napped throughout the  day too but fortunately Cheryl took photos which we transferred to a memory stick for me to bring home.  Did not even manage to see the quilts properly but will share a few photos with you today.

I think most of you know I am a Jennie Rayment fan and this was based on her designs, being off white it does not show up very well.

beautiful piecing on this one

so colourful,   this was very popular with the visitors

  I loved this one if you click on the photo you should get a better clearer picture    hopefully

lots to see and admire in this one

oh wow, just discovered how to move the picture and write by the side of it!!    This is one of my favourites.

will post a few more photos tomorrow.

I have made 3 more blocks .

well it might have just been a one off ,  managed to move this to the side but could not write  the text next to it!!  It has now moved back to the centre!!   This is the churn dash block  (6) done for the Little bunny challenge

This block    celtic cross was on the blog simply pieced  that Janet has to celebrate a year of blogging,  this is the biggest block I have made, measures 16.5"

This is off to America to Anna who has requested 12" blocks in pink to make into quilts to raise money towards her Mother in law`s treatment for cancer