Monday, 28 September 2015

completed wall hanging,september hexie,cozy afternoon block cut.

I have been absent from blogging for a short while but now back and will try and catch up on your blogs but it takes so long when away from the computer for 2 weeks, please accept my apologies if I do not comment on everything.
I do not have much to share today but have completed the cat wall hanging,   not as in the pattern as I have used cat fabric in the 4 corner blocks rather than making star blocks. I am pleased with it,  have hand quilted cats around the border then machine quilted down and across the sashing and the border but left the embroidered blocks without quilting as the batting only needs quilting every 10".  Apologies for my shoes at the bottom of the photo!  Not sure what I will do with it as it is a bit big  to hang so at the moment it is thrown over the back of the couch.

Here is the hexie block for september    cannot decide what to do with these blocks as they are so big,  they should have been done as 3/4" hexies but I did 1" not so fiddly and I only had 1" papers. The hexies measure approx 16"

This is the 5th block for the cozy afternoon BOM waiting for the next set of instructions but all the embroidered blocks now done.  There was an applique version too and you could also use a patterned fabric for the centre, I choose the embroidery as I have not learnt applique yet,   another want to try on my list one day.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Harrogate quilt show

I enjoyed the quilt show last weekend so now sharing some photos with you

This is the overall winner,  I thought I had written down how many rosettes it won but seem to have mislaid it but there were at last 5

this one really caught my attention

Loving the colours here,  there was quite a bit of discussion re this one,  people either seemed to hate or love the colours    orange always draws my attention

a beautiful pictorial hanging

this one is a bit of fun    we all now how cats love their comfort

Monday, 7 September 2015

completed quilt, turtle screen cleaners and a flimsy

I have three things to share today but first a link,  I am hoping this will take you to see all the winning quilts at the FOQ show,  I know I shared a few with you all but these are the winners.   hope this works, no doubt someone will let me know if I have done it wrong.

Now my completed quilt,  it is steps to the altar made from 980 2.5" squares.  plenty of cutting! the blocks are 14" square so measures 70" by 84"

I also have made some screen cleaners,  they are backed with fleece and seem to work,   a bit if fun and only take a few minutes to do I got the instructions for a  blogger who had made some.

  At last my little bunny BOM is assembled,  I have added lots of extra blocks so it is now 72" by 60".I dread the thought of trying to layer it up,  my kitchen floor is not big enough   well I do not have a space unless I do it in the sitting room and that is carpet so difficult to tape the backing down,  I have found since I discovered taping the backing it is easier to put the layers together, before that I kept having to redo my pinning as the backing was moving.Working on the floor is so difficult as I have a bit of arthritis on the knee,  also it is hard to get back up!!These quilt blocks were done in 2014 and have been in a box waiting to be made into the flimsy   hurrah   it is done!

I had 3 days at the quilt show in Harrogate,  photos to follow,  it is a much smaller show than the Birmingham one but still managed to spend too much money there,  fabric that I did not need but just felt compelled to buy!  I guess most of you can understand that   a weakness to quilters.