Sunday, 23 April 2017

craft bags tablet pouch

I have been busy making some craft bags,    I made the original one a few years ago, the instructions were shared at the YMQG but I did not have the correct foam stiffener on the original.

Helen has chosen the pink cat one   I am not getting the lining right   it seems too big for the bag though have done it as the instructions said.  Helen plans to use it for hairbrush, straighteners etc as she does not sew or do any crafts

The next one is or Catherine who does glass painting and various other paper type crafts   she makes the most beautiful cards    has great imagination  and also does encaustic art.  Have not given this to her yet but she does not read my blog so can share the photo.  The lining is still too big!

This one I have done for myself,  love the fabric used and went back to Hobbycraft  and managed to fins some more    reduced to £6.50 so bought some for my stash. I made this lining a bit smaller    yes you are right it is now too small but there is seam allowance I can let out but will live with it as it is for now.

Will make one for Sal if she wants one once she has seen her Mum`s     she will probably want a black one  how boring that will be,  plan to make her a black and white quilt with touches of red for her 21st in 2019 as she also likes red.

I have now sourced and received a roll of car headliner   which is more or less the same as bosal but is not iron on.   A great deal cheaper too though had to purchase 5 metres which is 60" wide     will have to make plenty to use all that up!  The roll cost £24.99

The winter solstice BOM is coming along well 18 blocks done now.  Not sure how this is going to work out as the blocks vary in size,  bit of a mishmash as once again using odd bits instead of breaking into my fabric stash. Did use the turquoise from the stash for the big block I really must start using up some of the metre and half metre fabrics I have   I dare not tell you how much I have got!

At the LMQG on 15th Alex shared a lesson on FPPing,  I did manage to make one economy block and will try and do some more but it really does confuse me.  Have taken a photo but can`t find it.

Looking through things made in the past I came across a pouch which it is exactly right for my tablet,  think it was made around 2000 when the Maderia show was still going and the embroidery group I was in were asked to exhibit at the show,  it was a great time we had, 5 of us in the group produced a large variety of makes.

That`s all for now.

Friday, 7 April 2017

medallion and women of the Bible flimsies

After sharing the WOB blocks last blog I had a change of mind and have made one quilt using 20 of the 12" blocks   all  the other blocks are on hold for now.  Not sure when this will get quilted   have the wadding and backing but not made the sandwich yet,   it is sitting with the others waiting to be done.I will bind it with the lilac that has been used in all the blocks and the corner stones

I have also made a small medallion quilt with the help of Jennie Rayment and create and craft tv channel. This was done over 2 programmes but I have not used all the instructions,  the medallion in the middle is Jennie`s design but have added plain borders, another round of Jennie`s and a round of my own. It measures 50" square.  I plan to bind it with the spot fabric used in one of the borders. A few photos went from me to Jennie for help and advice which was a good help.

A quick make yesterday was this fabric basket,  had watched Stuart Hillard make one and as I had some bosal had a go myself.  Next time I will use interfacing on the lining as it is very floppy.

A few more blocks made for the winter solstice , bee blessed, the children`s library all BOMs and 2 more red work blocks done on my Stitchin` wisdom quilt