Sunday, 29 April 2012

being rather lazy at the moment, blame it on all the rain we are having. Today started badly as I did not wake until 8am and I usually am up by 6am so chasing my tail today but getting no where fast so thought I would blog about it.

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Here are another two stitches,  detached chain week 7 and chain week 8, only samples but will get creative and do a more interesting piece at a later date. do not hold your breath.

detached chain and chain stitch

the first two photos are fabric made with wool tops. 3rd photo is an adornment I made for a handbag and the 4th is a flower made with wool tops

embellisher photos

the four photos are of embellished fabrics made from fabric scraps which were laid onto various base fabrics and embellished, also used bits of wool and some wool tops base fabrics include felt,poly cotton and velvet

I am posting some photos of embellishing machine pieces, some are finished but there are also some pics of fabric I have made and now wondering how to take further. The desire to use the machine comes in waves and at the moment the tide is out! but promised Hazel I would put some pics on as she is thinking of buying an embellisher

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

been a good girl and have done another 4 samples. very much samples and not creative pieces but maybe when I have caught up will take some of the stitches further.Have also attached a photo of where I get the help and threads from!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

fly stitch and buttonhole stitch the start of my TAST samples
did not get as much done as planned    nothing new    seemed to get distracted! Have done two very small samples
have decided to try and catch up on  TAST 2012.
Have rummaged in a bag of fabrics I have dyed and found a piece of poly cotton purples and pinks and will work the stitches on that. Might route out a bit of evenweave as well for some of the stitches.Not sure how enthusiastic I am about the process but in between projects at the moment. Have got  apiece of hardanger on the go but waiting for the perle thread size 12 to come in the post. I have discovered the Finca Presencia perle threads a few weeks ago and they are great as they come in a much larger range of colours and in sizes 5,8,12 and 16 and full range of colours in each size. This has been a problem in the past as I work on 28 &25 count so need 12`s for the weaving etc, have been restricted with colours until now so now  there will be no stopping me.
Will make a start on it after I make a cup of tea.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

How rude of me have not welcomed all of you as followers, thank you all it is great to know people are out there!!


had a day out in halifax with Catherine my elder daughter yesterday, typical british weather, rained all day.
Managed to pick up Contemporary whitework by Tracy Franklin and Nicola Jarvis for £2, what a great buy.
Have been trying to add the stitchin finger bit to the blog but no luck so will wait for instructions from my followers!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

oak leaf play

I have posted this latest picture of oak leaf play following comments on the stitchin fingers site. Linda you asked for details, here goes.
I scanned an oak leaf into the computer and played around with it in paint shop pro and came up with the design.
Acrylic paint was sponged onto a piece of fabric and the design transferred.Then just launched in with needle and thread and there you have it,Seem to remember I have also done a small bit of trapunto on it, other stitches include,  feather,running,back stitch and the heavy wools have been couched down. Think I have got this right but it is a good few years since I did it. Miss my paint shop pro as it is not compatible with windows 7, bought corel draw student version but have not got to understand it yet, maybe one day---

oak leaf play


think I might have managed to update my site a little. Will wait and see if anyone finds it and if they notice a change. All in your hands girls!
Fingers crossed   margaret

Saturday, 14 April 2012

little bag

Have just loaded a photo for the first time of a bag stitched for Catherine on her 36th birthday, still in one piece and she is 40 this year.


Feel I am starting to understand blogging with the help of two very patient friends I have made whilst a member of stitchin fingers.