Saturday, 14 July 2012


Today I am asking for some prayers for my granddaughter Salma aged 14 who is in hospital following jumping out of a first floor window and shattering her left ankle. The last few days have been horrendous, the incident happened 6pm thursday and friday afternoon they operated to try and sort out the ankle.We do not yet know the success of the op, and have been warned that because the damage was so severe she might not get full use back but it is early days and I pray for her recovery. There are also other issues to be investigated , things are very hard to come to terms with and do not know what else might come to light when the circumstances are investigated. I stayed overnight on thursday with her, her Mum Catherine has mental health issues so Helen my other daughter and I are doing a lot of support, Catherine is staying one night in 3 so we are all getting some rest. Quite a journey to the hospital, she is in Huddesfield , takes up to 3 hours on the buses for Helen and I but if lucky can do it in 2 hours. Mum lives nearer but still 3 buses away.Thank you for bearing with me whilst reading this.

On a lighter note the new knicker bag was appreciated but it was a little bigger than she wanted so a third one will be done at a later date.   Glad I started the needle tatting as I take it with me to the hospital as it takes up little room so should get some good practise in .

Have not done the tast this week but will catch up sooner or later.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

crazy bag

Well my fist knicker bag for my SIL was too small!!! so I have now made her a larger one, did not realise she wore Granny knickers, when I sent the first I did say if it was the wrong size my brother Richard should buy her some sexy underwear but that did not happen. This bag is still very plain but I promise I will progress.

Today two packages arrived, a new book, The magic of crazy quilting by J Marsha Michler which I have had a quick peek at and it looks amazing, the second package came very quickly, only ordered yesterday some tatting needles and a book, Learn needle  tatting by Barbara Foster.
This afternoon I am going to settle in front of the TV and watch the ladies final at Wimbledon and also read the tatting book, maybe even make a little something.

Friday, 6 July 2012

bonnet stitch

this weeks stitch for Sharon is bonnet stitch. I have never come across this stitch before but I will definitely make use of it in the future.
Could not make up my mind what to do but I needed a new book mark so made one using this stitch. The 18ct canvas I painted and then stitched the bonnet stitch with Oliver Twists medium perle in a bluey greeny colour, I added some straight stitching in a pale green the backed it with some dyed poly cotton.Very much a rush job I am afraid, time does not seem to be on my side at the moment, should have plenty of time for stitching as it most definitely is not gardening weather as it is so wet.

I have now joined the hand embroidery network,(hen) applied in may and heard nothing so cancelled and reapplied with my other email address, this was on june 9th. Got  an email back and filled in all that was required but then waited and waited and waited, finally on tuesday my membership was accepted.  This means more time away from the needle!! what with SF, stitchaholics, Hen, flickr, facebook and the EG forum I never know where I am!
You could say if saves me from boredom!

I am also having a go at needle tatting have given up ever conquering the shuttle, with the needle if you go wrong it just unravels, have been going wrong quite a bit but will get there one day, it is quite relaxing like crocheting so good to do in the evening when tired and the light not good enough for stitching.

Think that is enough for now, let me just add how good it is to get the feedback from you all and thanks for taking the time.

Monday, 2 July 2012

crazy dragonfly

today I am putting a picture of a dragonfly on which I did from a tutorial Christina had done.For a first attempt I am happy with it, think I will do a couple more, maybe try to do them very small and put them onto a piece of CQ

Last tuesday I checked out Leeds market, they have a stall that sells bits of this and that and I found last week that it was closing down. Managed to buy 14 pieces of jewellery for £4.50 which I have taken to pieces and will hopefully be able to use them on some CQ in the near future. The seller said he would see if he had any lace in the warehouse and if so bring it this week so tomorrow I will be paying him another visit and hope to find more goodies.