Friday, 7 November 2014

crazy stitching and spiders quilt

I am going to attempt a blog from the new lap top,  A friend`s son very kindly came and got it going for me and transferred things from the old one onto an external hard drive however since then  what trouble it has been,  caught loads of viruses but the shop got me to download malwarebytes and that has sorted all but one problem.  I seem to have a problem with adobe,  down load files and put them on the desktop but when I transfer them to my documents they become thumbs.db whatever that may be and do not open so all my bom`s seem lost for now.  Any advice gratefully received!   I also installed the malware onto the old computer and did a scan and it found loads of errors which Mcafee never found. It is going to my daughter and granddaughter as a back up if needed.

Not much stitching done this week,  I did my block for Bee Blessed   will post it off to Ireland next week

I also rescued the spiders web and botched it together, not sure what happened because it did not fit once I had cut the curves and added the black pieces,   as you can see here.

I decided to keep going and added black between each triangle piece and joined them all together,  it would not lie flat but as there was a big central hole with the aid of the iron I sort of pressed it and hid all the excess under a black circle of fabric,  I then quilted it on the machine,  just a squiggly stitch on all the black fabrics and bound it with black,    lesson learnt take more care next time.

I will have another attempt at getting it right and Pat Broe that shared the instructions has now done one larger which looks very impressive

I have also done my crazy block for november   only one to go and then I will make it into a hanging for Helen

Oh yes I nearly forgot I signed up for a crazy lesson with Kathy Shaw,  you do a basic class and can then move on if you want.  I have not finished my piece as I need some 7mm silk ribbon and cannot buy it in Leeds but the Harrogate K & S show starts on 20th and Crafty Ribbons will be there so I will get my ribbon then.  We had to make the block using templates and stitch the seams as instructed so this is as far as I have go so far. I have not done silk ribbon work before so I will see how I get on with it

I have realised that my blocks I have been working on all year need more stitching   I think next year if I decided to do the challenge I will do it with creams and white and stick to all pastels