Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Malvern quilt show

What a lovely time I had at the quilt show on friday.   Coach trip to London went well on thursday and we arrived early. Cheryl my friend was there to meet me and we made our way on the dreaded underground back to her place where we talked and talked for hours, it was 2 am before we got to bed!

Cheryl drove to Malvern and there we were in awe  at all the quilts, between us we took over 400 photos and it would have been more but my camera died after 123, will have to get it sorted as I had fully charged the battery, never mind I had my memory stick with me so was able to load Cheryl`s photos onto it and now have them on the computer.   Along with the quilts there were also trade stalls, I managed to get a cutting mat which has one dark and one light side, find cutting out dark fabric a problem on a dark mat,   also could not resist a few half metre lengths and also some template plastic,    which reminds me I have not seen it since I got home,    will have to spend time searching, with a bit of luck it will be inside one of the books I took with me, lets hope it is not inside the one I left for Cheryl to look at.

I have come home with loads of ideas, now know I would like to do a kaleidoscope piece, and a winding roads piece but have also signed up for the Tula Pink quilt project and Pippa`s vomit quilt so not sure whether I am coming or going as I am still doing the CQJP project, started may`s block yesterday.

We had a lovely meal in Worcester prior to returning to London and then saturday we went  to the fabric shops in Shepherds Bush,   wow loads of them, we have one in Leeds! plus 2 market stalls with fabric.
Of course I was tempted with a few more fabrics,   must stop buying now.

I came home on sunday after having another late night saturday, so much to talk about and was fascinated with the EQ quilt programme C has on her computer.
Not sure what photos to show so will show the collage of C`s photos and the winning quilt for now just to tempt you and add more later.

this is rather mean but do not know how to make a collage of fewer than what was taken!

unfortunately in my rush to get into the show and I did not buy a catalogue, none of the quilts had the makers names on them so cannot give more info as when we left the programme sellers had already gone.

News about the stolen quilts from Empress mills,   7 quilts have been returned, a lady saw about the theft on the tv or in the papers and she had been given them so took them straight back, do not know if the culprit was caught but hope to hear if the others are returned too.One poor lady lost 8 quilts.


Sparklyjools said...

What a great trip! I only managed to take a few photos but am looking forward to seeing yours.x

Nana said...

Sounds like a real good girl-friend-trip and meeting and the big quilt you show is just lovely. Cab´t wait to see hopefully more pictures, also from the things you bought.


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I'm glad some of the quilts have been returned...looking forward to those photos! :) x

Queeniepatch said...

You and your friend must have had a great time and hopefully much will come out of all the inspiration you got from the show. Have fun with your new purchases!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Sounds like you have been inspired and I can see why. Look forward to the results. I feel like I need a boost of some sort such as a show, a class or something. Thanks for sharing what sounds like a great time.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Oh, I love to go to quilts shows! Mostly to visit all the vendors! All the fun stuff they bring and yes, we simply must bring home fabric.


Hello Margaret. Quilt shows are very inspiring and lovely.. I am glad some of the lost quilts have been returned. Nice to share fun with a friend. Hugs Judy

Stitching Lady said...

I liked to read your post, Margaret, it is very informative.

Woolly Soup said...

I love quilting but never get to finishing them. they all end up as cushions.I'll look forward to seeing what the trips inspiration produces for you. happy quiliting x

Raewyn said...

Wow, what a great time - love the collage of the photos!!! You sound like you were so inspired :-) with new projects and ideas. Good news that some of the quilts have been found!!

Createology said...

Your trip and visit with your friend sound wonderful. Lots of talking and lots of fabric inspiration. So many photos of so many quilts to see is quite overwhelming. Glad to hear some of the stolen quilts have been recovered. Happy Creative Hearts...

Chyfey said...

Great to hear you had such a lovely time with C and you both thoroughly loved the quilt show.
Lovely news about the returned quilts now they just need to find the rest of them. Cheers Faye

Susan Hook said...

Looks like you really enjoyed yourself, you must be full of inspiration now after seeing all the fantastic quilts. I have been to Worcester lots of times and have a friend who lives there, it is such a nice place.

Anonymous said...

Good to know some of the stolen quilts have found a way home! What a terrific experience. I look forward to seeing more quilts. Hope you found your template plastic by now!

Suztats said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Looking forward to seeing your purchases.

Radka said...

I can see you had a fab day, lots to remember!

J Honda said...

fabulous Margaret! It is so enjoyable reading your narration - makes me feel like I was along for all the fun :) thank you always for sharing!!

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