Sunday, 30 September 2012

knotted buttonhole stitch

my latest stitch from tast knotted buttonhole.
Rather a lazy attempt, I seem to be struggling as there is so much I want to try in the stitching world and feel a bit of the "what should I do next" syndrome so find myself just pottering and doing lots of unnecessary things,so putting off what I could be doing,  a good sort out of all my clutter might be a good idea but at the moment a good idea is all it will be! I try and keep everything together in the box room but do not work there as it is too small and cold, bring things down to the kitchen and they then pile up all over the place and spread to the lounge and even the utility room,     yes that is what I will do this morning return some of the clutter back upstairs!Have been doing more needle tatting in the evenings, trying to get the tension more even but I know that will come with practise.

The garden does not know what is happening this autumn, the other day I found a flower on the magnolia tree, fruit trees been very poor, no pears, few cherries, one apple tree with no apples but the plum tree planted last year gave me 20 delicious plums and my James Greer apple tree has about 30 apples, this has been in for 3 years now but lost the main branch with lots of apples when it was very windy in june.

Monday, 24 September 2012

josephine knot

Today I am feeling really pleased as yesterday I asked Suz about her josephine knot cascade she had used on her crazy block I had seen on her blog.  Suz kindly sent me the instructions and after a few emails I finally worked out how to do it, this morning I sent her a photo of the knots and have just had the thumbs up I did it right,. I did 2 cascades, one in wool and one in crochet cotton, picture coming up

thanks Suz for your instructions and your patience with me.

and more drizzle

not only drizzle stitch but plenty of drizzle outside this morning.  Enough is enough I am stopping now!!

These drizzles are worked with 2,3,4, or 6 strands.  I have used wool and perle cottons

Sunday, 23 September 2012

more drizzling

I have continued to play and here are my other pieces.

These were worked with wool and the two long ones I used a doll needle for, bit difficult pulling it through, the very long curled one has 125 wraps. Some were worked with 1 some 2 and some 3 needles.

Here I have used perle cotton 8`s and again 1,2 and 3 needles.These have been worked on the fabric week 28 to 37 was worked on.

drizzle play

This morning I have been having a play with drizzle stitch. I cannot remember where I read about it but this is what I came up with.

Using one needle I casted on the thread 10 times, I then added another needle and casted on over both needles 10 times, a third needle was added and casted on over all three needles

Next I removed the third needle and casted on over the other 2 10 times.

Finally I casted on 10 times over the origonal needle,   then the fun began, re threaded the needle and tried to pull it through, this took a bit of gentle persuasion but the final result I think was worth it.

I worked another 2, the whitevarigated yellow was worked over 2 needles, 10 sts, then 15 over both and another 15 over origonal needle.
The green one was stitched like the first.

not too pleased with the photo, think this might be a bit better

unfortunately my photography is not very good sorry about that.

Think I will now try with some wool and play a bit more     watch this space.

Friday, 21 September 2012

week 38

Have got back into the swing of things with the tast, here is my drizzle stitch, quite enjoyed doing my sheep and think I will use this stitch more often


Sunday, 16 September 2012

crazy and tast

after spending all morning working on the tast week 28to 37 I now find the stitches do not show up on the photo. I decided to piece a crazy block and use the stitches for the seams, have a few seams left so can add at a further date if I get behind again, will post the photo anyway.

Here are two more photos of bags made using crazy patchwork. The blue bag is made from mostly recycled fabric given by a friend to practise crazy patchwork, when I look I can see some of the fabric is rather shabby but it was good to learn.The mainly pink bag is from a variety of different fabrics of varying weights, will have to hide it when I see my younger daughter as anything pink she seems to think is hers!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

At last I am back on my blog but first thank you so much for all the prayers,comments and support you sent to me in july.
Sal my granddaughter is doing well, she is now in a boot and is due to have another op in about 4 weeks. For 6 weeks she was not allowed out at all and had to keep the leg raised as the ankle was so badly damaged, things are looking good but she is still in a lot of pain and the hospital have said to give her 4 hourly medication till they see her again in 2 weeks, her Mum is a bit concerned but the Dr said the pain killers are needed.The emotional issues are still a great concern not sure how the counselling is going to help as she is not very cooperative.

I have been going through a bad patch, felt totally drained hence my absence from here,SF and other sites but did as my younger daughter Helen said,   I have put myself in a paper bag and given it a good shake so things should improve!!

There has certainly been a great deal of activity on all your blogs, will take a few days to view them all but a lovely way to spend a few days.

I have not done much stitching, practising needle tatting and a bit of crochet, have also done one or two crazy blocks, will post photos in the next few days, Catherine liked the sampler and also did one for a great nephew and I am now doing the instructions for a biscornu for stitch magazine.

Will sign off now, thank you all once again for your love and messages.