Sunday, 25 May 2014

Embroidery friends, Malvern

I am a member of the group Embroidery friends,  it was formed when the Embroiderers Guild updated there web site and decided they would no longer have a members forum so this breakaway group was formed which is open to anyone not just Embroidery Guild members,  just as well as I did not renew my membership last year.   Anyway some of us got together to do a round robin.  There were 10 of us from around the globe and we each choose what we wanted our piece to be based on..  My theme was gardens and I posted a photo of the bird bath I had stitched.  To cut a long story short I received my piece back a couple of weeks ago and I am delighted with what everyone has stitched,  here is a photo

Isn`t it a beautiful piece,  have now to decide what to do with it once I can get the creases ironed out.

Now for a few more photos from the Malvern quilt show

              this is to me a cheerful quilt   not sure why but it reminds me of smiley faces

maybe one day I will have mastered applique,   well in my dreams if not on a quilt

                                  love quilts that tell a story  and this one has lots to see.

                               I would not mind living in one of these cottages

                                 as you can see this one got some awards,  beautiful isn`t it.
   hope you enjoy these

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Malvern quilt show

I am now home following my few days in London,     re the quilt show,  unfortunately I woke at 3.30am with a bad migraine which did not shift and led to violent sickness but by 9.30 we left for Malvern,  I slept all the way in the car and napped throughout the  day too but fortunately Cheryl took photos which we transferred to a memory stick for me to bring home.  Did not even manage to see the quilts properly but will share a few photos with you today.

I think most of you know I am a Jennie Rayment fan and this was based on her designs, being off white it does not show up very well.

beautiful piecing on this one

so colourful,   this was very popular with the visitors

  I loved this one if you click on the photo you should get a better clearer picture    hopefully

lots to see and admire in this one

oh wow, just discovered how to move the picture and write by the side of it!!    This is one of my favourites.

will post a few more photos tomorrow.

I have made 3 more blocks .

well it might have just been a one off ,  managed to move this to the side but could not write  the text next to it!!  It has now moved back to the centre!!   This is the churn dash block  (6) done for the Little bunny challenge

This block    celtic cross was on the blog simply pieced  that Janet has to celebrate a year of blogging,  this is the biggest block I have made, measures 16.5"

This is off to America to Anna who has requested 12" blocks in pink to make into quilts to raise money towards her Mother in law`s treatment for cancer

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

hexie, bow tie block,CQJP, Malvern

today I have three new pieces to share with you

Fist the hexie BOM for may is a butterfly

A bit dull re colour but  I have lots of hexies already stitched and these were the best I could us.

Also completed the CQJP for may,   I feel it needs more adding which hopefully will reveal itself when I join the 12 blocks together.

My final block of the monthly blocks is for bee blessed   the bow tie block. This is a challenge I take part in every month through a link in Belfast.

Friday I am off to London to say at Cherly`s and on saturday we are going to the Malvern quilt show, will no doubt be taking of photos and marvelling at the most wonderful quilts,  no doubt dong a bit of spending too.  I have already ordered some walnuts shells from Creative grids in case they sell out before I get there,they are for pincushions, have not been able to buy any before. Returning to London in the evening and then I will be coming home sunday evening,  travelling by mega bus which is a very economical way of getting around the country.
I am also looking forward to seeing the quilt, bag, mobile and one more piece that Cheryl has made for her C & G patchwork and quilting course she has been doing at Missenden Abbey, have seen a photo of the bag but will see them all properly whilst at her home.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

sewing caddy

This is a sewing caddy i made last week,  I got the pattern through the Yorkshire Modern Quilters Group I go to,   and have just put in "sewing caddy tutorial" into the search engine    guess what the tutorial appeared so if any one wants to have a go they can find the pattern.  I found it quite easy to do but for some reason the lining bottom seems a bit big,   the group made these at a meeting I could not attend and have since heard one or two others had the same problem. For my first go I was quite pleased and Helen has decided she should have it, unfortunately one of her friends is also after one along with Catherine and no doubt Sal my granddaughter too,  I think they want to use them for their hair dryers, straighteners etc.

The original pattern puts the pockets on the inside of the bag but I have mine on the outside, front and back and one on the inside.  Will use a plain colour for the lining the next one I do.

I found this in my kitchen cupboard the other day.

It is a sweet potato!!!  Unlike an ordinary potato it did not go slimy or smelly, I was amazed when I cut it open feel it should inspire me to be creative,   any ideas?  The photo is in a folder called inspiration  along with a few other things that have caught my eye.  Wish I had found the tomatoes I bought over 2 weeks ago! they are on the receipt but not in the house, I must have left them on the checkout

Lots of people I follow have asked me to join google+ but I do not know anything about it, what I have read says it means everyone can see what I write, is that just on the blogs or on flickr and in my emails and everywhere else?  any advice would be good as I am a bit wary of it, so if you wonder why I have not responded that is why, I need to know more about it.  Many thanks