Monday, 31 December 2012

CQJP update

thank you and thank you again for all the advice I have had since my last blog.

I am now feeling far more motivated and plan to do my blocks in green, various shades and embellish with additional colour, charms,tatting, maybe a little ribbon work which I have not done before and lots of stitching.

This morning I enthusiastically washed 21 fat quarters, 5 half metres lengths, one one metre length and quite a lot of small pieces I had dyed over the years, all these are in green but some have a bit of added colour and not all are plain so I do not think i will be able to use them all. After washing I spent what seemed like hours ironing them dry and steaming up the kitchen so i could not see out the window, all done now so no excuse for not moving on to starting the blocks. I plan to make all 12 together so will only have to embellish one each month, well at lest that is the plan.. Also washed the muslin I am going to use as the foundation Hurrah!!!

When the warmer weather comes I will wash the other pieces of fabric I have and then will know all is prepared, did not realise how much I had, just picking up fat quarters here and there, found there were 2 I had duplicated but that is not so bad as I bought the first pieces in the 90`s but never  knew how to progress till now.

Well it is New Year`s Eve here, I am afraid I will not be staying up to welcome the new year but wish you all a happy,joyous and content year ahead.

Saturday, 29 December 2012


We are fast approaching the new year and I have come up with one resolution,  in 1995 my late husband bought me a Kenwood food mixer, with liquidiser etc, well I still have not managed to work out how to use it, it did come with a video but no video player,   bring back the old manuals please!!  Two years ago I got in touch with Kenwood and told them it did not work, I press the button but nothing happens, well they said send it back which I did and they returned it saying it was in full working order,  still no success but 2013 is going to be when I get the confounded thing to start or the bin can have it!!!

Now fellow bloggers I have signed up to CQJP for 2013 but have not got a clue where to start, have asked one or two of you for advise but thought I would throw it open to everyone.  Do I need a theme? what size should I do? oh so many things I want to know.  I think I would like to make it into a hanging when finished so surely it needs to have something linking the blocks together, I thought maybe the blocks should all be the same but with different stitches but this seems a bit boring. From looking at other blocks plain colours seem to be the thing to use    oh dear have I bitten of more than I can chew??   Advise will be greatly appreciated and maybe then then creativity and inspiration will begin to work.

I was given some jelly roll templates from my daughters for Christmas, they are new to England and were demonstrated on create and craft tv channel, only available at the moment through the tv, They are from Australia so as I have a jelly roll I might do something with that whilst waiting for your advice for my CQJP

All the best to you all for 2013.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Best wishes

Christmas morning here so a quickie to wish everyone a joyful time,  and all the best for 2013.
Tine to stuff the turkey.
I also want to thank everyone for following me and the wonderful comments you have posted on my blog.

Wonder what time my 2 daughters and granddaughter will wake up, probably not for hours yet, one of the cats is already up, think she can smell the turkey and is waiting for the giblets!!  

Sunday, 16 December 2012


It has been a while since I last posted a blog, have been following everyone else`s but not been motivated myself so will try and put a picasa photo on of the things I have stitched over the years and the little nativity scenes I have.   Sorry could not understand the instructions so will just post a few of my photos.

well these are just a few of the things done in the last 20 years.
I have also made a bag for daughter Catherine, see wants a black,grey,white small shopper in crazy style.
think she will like it if not I will keep it myself!!

A little pillow for Helen who loves angels and suffers from chrons which can make her quite poorly at times.

I have both daughters and granddaughter here for Christmas, Helen who is a nurse has an early shift Xmas Eve and hurrah the day off on Christmas day and is back on a late boxing day, will also have their 2 cats Sophie and Alfie, they are mother and son but the few times when they have been here together they have not got on too well, will see what happens this time.

I wish all bloggers a happy and peaceful Christmas.

So sad the tragedy in Connicticut, my prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and also for the poor little children who witnessed the appalling events, I pray they will come to terms with what they saw and heard.