Saturday, 30 May 2015

Malvern quilt show

As promised here are a couple of collages from photos I took at the Malvern quilt show earlier this month.

I have finaly got picasa downloaded onto the new lap top,  thought it would not work as it said it was for windows 7 but happy to say windows 8 accepted it and hence the collages.  Sorry about the one pictorial one  that has go inrto this section but could not work out how to delete it.


Here are a pictorial selection,  the cyclists were  due to the Tour de France starting here last year. Love the one of cats and the tribute to Torvill and Dean is very nice too,  how I loved watching them skating.

This is the winner of the whole show,    

   Decided to show this one on its own as I know quite a few bloggers are doing the Dear Jane quilt and hopefully it will inspire you all.

I took lots of photos, it was hard to pick a few for this blog but lets hope they are inspiring to you all.
If you click on the photo it should enlarge for a good view

Monday, 25 May 2015

completed quilt

Not much to share with you today but first may I say how touched I was by all your comments when I returned to blogland,  thank you all so much for your friendship and concern

I have finished Helen`s quilt, she chose the turquoise spot material for the binding and she seems delighted with it.  It has received lots of lovely comments on her facebook account  where she put a picture up of it,  I am not into facebook but she has read the comments out to me which was lovely,   mind you very few of them are from stitchers so I suppose it will look pretty impressive to those who do not know about things matching seams etc.

Helen is now back at work,  on shortened hours for now and with a new chemo package that seems to be working which is great news.  She rang me in tears of joy friday evening as it was the first time for over 13 weeks she was pain free,  so thrilled by her pain free days

Blogland have been up the shoot, I have been able to see those from the email I get from bloglovin daily but those that I open from my dashboard have been horrendous,  inundated with adverts,  have put an adbloc on but the screen kept crashing,  this has been going on for 3 week but great news today all is back to normal,  not sure what was going on but it has been sorted out now. If I have not commented on your post it is because I was unable to access them.

Also 2 new bags,  one made for my trip to the Malvern quilt show but it  was not used as it poured with rain all day,   no actual quilting on this one,  It has a pocket on the front and I have used stitchy fabric for it,  not sure about the orange with the purple and pink but tell myself it pops!

This next one is reversible and as soon as Helen saw it I knew I had lost it!   so retro she says.


I had a great day at the quilt show and 2 nights in London staying with my good friend Cheryl,  will post some photos, have managed to install picasa on my lap top but have to work out how to use it to make a collage seem to have forgotten from when I had it on the old computer,  took over 100 photos so it will be fun choosing which ones to share.