Tuesday, 18 March 2014

CQJP march, aiming for accuracy quilt, sewing for pleasure Birmingham

I suddenly remembered I had not shown my crazy quilting block for march so here it is

I am struggling with these blocks,  I expect partly as I do not like the colours chosen by Helen.  We decided it needs more colour so she said to put a bit of yellow and orange in too hence the yellow tatted butterfly, have also put some yellow french knots in the centre of the pale pink crocheted flower in the bottom right hand corner.  Oh well only 9 more to go!!

One of my goals for 2014 was to attempt the aiming for accuracy quilt of Michele Foster`s, this was done as a BOM last year but I bought the pattern this year and on friday plucked up courage to start it,  I had picked lots of fabrics from my collection,  of course some greens and tans/orange shades then threw in a few pinky ones and a bit of red.    Well I have been very busy and have now got the main part assembled,  it needs a one and a half inch sashing around it then I will add some colour in the next sashing followed by a wider border in the brown. Not sure about the coloured sashing, on the pattern it is little squares but think I might use longer pieces of fabric that have been used in the quilt.  It is now on hold for a week or two.  It was not such a problem as I thought it would be, needed a bit of tugging in places. What appealed to me about this quilt was the blocks being different sizes etc.  No clue what sort of quilting I will do on it yet or whether it ill be hand or machine quilting.

Sorry the photo is sideways,  do not know how to flip it.   I planned to photo it on the washing line but it is so very windy today so had to put it on the bed instead, you can see how big it is.

On thursday I am off to the Sewing for pleasure show in Birmingham at the NEC.   I will be staying with friends who I used to work for at the shows in Buckingham which will be great fun and come home saturday evening. Also will be seeing Cheryl my good friend from London who is coming up for the day on friday, so looking forward to seeing her.
Not sure what I will be tempted to buy but I am sure some fabric will find its way home with me and I would also like to find Anni Downs angels quilt pattern if possible.  Jennie Rayment will be there doing a workshop and that is also on my list to do     I am getting so excited thinking about it.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

bee blessed, shamrock hexie, the hairbrush saga, 150 blogs

I is now march so Sara over at sew me released the latest block for bee blessed    Pippa longstocking.   I struggled with this one, chopped off the feet on one so started again,  the one with the continuous fabric border is the one I am keeping as it is not correct and it will go into my box of assorted trial blocks,   but the second one I am pleased with so will post it off to Sara today and it will go into a charity quilt during the year,   I believe they are using the hearts from the february block in the same quilt.

The child like fabrics I used here I could not resist the other day, maybe it was 6th sense that I would need them for these blocks.

I also did the hexie challenge for march,   a shamrock,  the 4 leaves have not been attached yet as I am waiting till all blocks are done to decide what background fabric to use,  the 4 leaves are not attached to each other either.They will be sewn as you see it now     more or less.

My girls say I am quite tight with my pennies,  well yesterday I spent £1 on a new hair brush,   I have been pondering when I bought my old one, I am sure it was before my divorce in 1986  so it  has done well.   It was from Avon but when I looked the other day they are no longer available!!   I am sure this new one will not last as long.   Had a comb too that I bought in 1996 whilst in Australia for my niece`s wedding and unfortunately I lost it last year so that was another  £1,   how I love the pound shops.

    No doubt you can spot which is which,    the old one has now been put in the rubbish bin.

Just noticed that this is my 150th blog  had no idea I had done so many,  it is about 2 years since I started blogging,   pat myself on the back,  good girl Margaret!