Sunday, 18 June 2017

I know I have been neglectful writing a blog but did not realise it is nearly 2 months!

In may I celebrated my 70th birthday so here is a photo of the cake Helen had made for me,  not only did it look wonderful but the sponge was coffee flavour   my favourite.  One of her friends made it and she is not a professional just does it as a hobby.

a selection of things I made till the end of may

tablecloth for tv table made from fabric that was donated   some had been made into blocks so added to them with the left over fabric   (hand quilted|)

large sideboard runner using the donated fabrics and also hand quilted.

lap top bag for Sal

bag for FOQ show but think it is to big

handbag that Catherine has laid claim to

stack and whack bag   enjoy this technique though could have got the blocks put together in a better design  will use this for the quilt show.  I used car headliner for the padding   it is so much cheaper than bosal and though not iron on works perfectly well   a great buy,  will be making more bags and baskets.

fabric basket

make up bag for Sal   she chose the fabrics for it   very fussy she is!

I also made 150 scrap blocks using lots of tiny bits and pieces, a stack and slash quilt that I am now hand quilting and 2 more that have been quilted this month by hand   will share another day

I am enjoying smaller projects at the moment and as I have run out of wadding cannot do any more quilts though I have 3 or 4 waiting to be sandwiched up form ages ago.  Will hope to get another roll in a couple of months but had to buy a new washing machine a couple of weeks ago,   the previous on lasted thirteen and a half years   fingers crossed the new one will too even if I don`t.