Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Well I don`t know,   the photos show on my page on my blog but must admit they have a white background behind them, so will now try again but will put them on individually this time. Sorry about the last post.

box pattern

calico puzzle.


Missouri star

road to Oklahoma

snail trail

maple leaf

hopefully you can see them all now!

patchwork blocks

This morning I have typed a long blog but it was to doneoto the accounts I set up at the beginning that never worked so will start again now! I have 2 blogs that do not work which I would love to delete     has anyone any idea how to do it.

Have been successful in transferring my google reader to bloglovin last week and it all seems to be working okay.

I have been having another go at patchwork blocks,   still working in poly cotton as I still do not really know what I am doing.

Thought I would use some templates I have bought but not too sure of them yet. The templates are the easy angle which makes half square triangles and the companion angle which makes quarter square triangles.

Maple leaf, road to Oklahoma, Missouri star and  snail trail  were done without the templates on monday but  box, calico puzzle and economy I did yesterday ( tuesday) using the easy angle and companion angle. I do have a problem working out which are half and which are quarter squares, any tips gratefully received.

I also tried to put the photos into a collage on picaso, it seems to have worked but could not put them onto the blog, must be missing a link out.

Well if you persevere you sometimes get it right,    had to send the photo to my email address and then copied it to this blog    wow I am getting better! I am sure there is an easier way but until I find it carry on ding it this way. Having viewed the blog I see the photos have not gone on right after all, never mind one day I will get it right.

Photos in order from top left     box, snail trail, maple leaf,  Missouri star,  calico puzzle, road to Oklahoma and economy.   They are all from the Quilters Recipe book except the Maple leaf and that is from Lyn Edwards  the Sampler Quilt book.

Other templates i have bought are,   5 point star  ( have not taken it out of its wrapper yet, looks far too complicated) , flying geese, fat cat, easy dresden plate, clamshell/drunken path, tri rec and tri mate, hexagon that makes assorted sizes, 45 and 60 degree diamonds, 30, 45 and 90 degree triangles, the dear Jane templates and the Australian jelly monster, jelly pointer and pin wheel.

Now you can understand why I have to become proficient at patchwork   with all these templates surely I can achieve something worthwhile!!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

a bit of laziness

Toady I finally caught up on the tast for 2013 but took the easy way put and did one small piece using 5 stitches,  woven detached chain,   breton stitch,  diamond stitch,  up and down feathered buttonhole and raised cross stitch flower stitch.  Can see some of these appearing in my crazy blocks,  especially the up and down feathered buttonhole stitch.  Only a small sample but at least I have caught up for the time being.  One day I would like to take these stitches further,  the problem is there is so much I would like to do and then I spend too much time fretting about all I want to do and what to do next!! and I hate to admit it but nothing gets done.

I tend to but veg when on offer in the supermarkets as they keep very well in the fridge,  a few weeks ago I got a red cabbage which I put in a cupboard not the fridge and forgot about it. About a week ago ( just checked the date on the photo and it was 2nd april)  came across it at the back of the cupboard and was surprise to see new growth, I removed the cling film wrapper and I am now nurturing it!! not sure how long before the actual cabbage will   "go off"  but until it does it is quite nice to watch the new growth.

2nd april

16th  april.

Wondering what will happen next,  shame isn`t it that things like this amuse me, think I need to `get a life`
Maybe I will keep a carrot, onion and a few other bits and pieces and start a collection of sprouting veg!!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

CQJP april

Today I am posting my block for april, I am disappointed with it but never mind I will get better. The top right hand side as you look at it is some cotton fabric I dyed but I did not like what I had stitched and when i unpicked it there were holes where the stitching had been so did a sort of botch job to cover them up with a crocheted flower and a bit of twisted chain.
I made all 12 blocks prior to any embellishing,   another regret,  I which I had put more fabrics on so the outer areas were not so big, also all blocks have been made in greens, green being my favourite colour, feel by the end I will hate the sight of green. Next year if I take part I will have a different system. I am not having a moan  at least I do not think I am , maybe you think differently.

Still waiting for spring here, today we were promised warmth and sunshine but it is dull, windy, drizzly and cold!Not sure when spring will come, I do have daffodils  and crocus out but the trees are showing very litle sign of life, never known spring be so late before. Did read somewhere the gardens are 6 weeks behind where they should be

Saturday, 6 April 2013

disappearing patch block

  I am so worked up about starting a patchwork project as I haven`t a clue what I am doing but today after finding some instructions on the web thought I would have a go at a block using a batik charm pack that was lurking in a box.    Well it went better than I thought it would, made 3 blocks which have now been cut so have 12  6" ones to assemble. Not sure about how to put them together, they are spread out on the kitchen table at the moment but will not rush, I expect they will go back in the box for a while and maybe arrange them when I am with a patchworker, have a very dear friend Cheryl who lives in London,    hoping she will come and stay a while as she is  very good with everything to do with patchwork and stitching of all kinds.Of course I want her to come anyway,   sounds like I only want her for her talents!! no way   I have known her since we both lived in Manchester in the 1990`s.

oh yes I am feeling quite pleased with myself!!

brooches and bits and pieces.

I am today adding some brooches which I made with the embellishing machine a while ago. These and the bits and pieces are all I have done so far , The idea came form Stitch magazine and some of the bits and pieces are from  Jennie Rayment instructions,     wonder woman, I find her so inspiring and her enthusiasm is contagious.

  Some of these bits are bag ornaments  they are based on Jennie`s flowers and my fiddling about.but others just sit in a bowl on the dining room table.

these are the brooches based on a project from stitch magazine.

As you can see these are not done on the machine,  just scraps of fabric made into three and four petal flowers from one of Jennie`s books.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

embellishing machine

I am now going to try and load a couple of photos which I have put on picasa.

I have a baby lock embellishing machine and find I can sort of create fabric using scraps, felt, wool tops, wool etc but then do not know how to take it further.  I also made the 2 trees which sort of work if I screw up my eyes and look sideways!

Success !!! whether I will be able to do it again is a different matter!