Sunday, 14 April 2013

CQJP april

Today I am posting my block for april, I am disappointed with it but never mind I will get better. The top right hand side as you look at it is some cotton fabric I dyed but I did not like what I had stitched and when i unpicked it there were holes where the stitching had been so did a sort of botch job to cover them up with a crocheted flower and a bit of twisted chain.
I made all 12 blocks prior to any embellishing,   another regret,  I which I had put more fabrics on so the outer areas were not so big, also all blocks have been made in greens, green being my favourite colour, feel by the end I will hate the sight of green. Next year if I take part I will have a different system. I am not having a moan  at least I do not think I am , maybe you think differently.

Still waiting for spring here, today we were promised warmth and sunshine but it is dull, windy, drizzly and cold!Not sure when spring will come, I do have daffodils  and crocus out but the trees are showing very litle sign of life, never known spring be so late before. Did read somewhere the gardens are 6 weeks behind where they should be


Monica said...

Cute kitty! The block still looks pretty good to me, Margaret. Unfortunately, practice is the only way to get better. I often have to remind myself of that too!

Queeniepatch said...

I think your block is attractive! The 'good' thing about having holes left after unpicking stitches is that you HAVE TO do something about that.
Also I think it is 'positive' to have these larger pieces on the outer areas. Here you can easily add patches, tatting, rosettes, buttons, and all sorts of things to show off.
We talked about waste canvas the other day, in these larger blank areas is were you can put a piece of waste canvas and do some cross stitches or other filling stitches. The more you cover up the base fabric with various colours the less green the blocks will look.
Have fun, Margaret!

Nana said...

Same thing here: cold Eastwind. But at least the birds think it´s springtime.

I like your stitching alot. Well, I am not really a smart person in Embroidery, but I always admire people who know how to make all those lovely stitches like you do.


Susan In Texas said...

I think your block is very very pretty. I think what sets great stitchers apart from good stitchers is how they handle their regrets. A good stitcher might set the regret aside and not deal with it anymore; whereas, a great stitcher looks at it as a challenge and unleashes even more creativity at it, and makes a success of it regardless of "regrets". You should be proud of yourself, you are a GREAT stitcher! 8)

Take care,
Susan in Texas

Celle qui rêve said...

I like your block. Little birdie, cute kittie, flowers, daffodils and even a small ladybug, spring is in the air :D

Janet said...

Dear Friend,
You are much too hard on yourself!Your block is coming along beautifully. As others have already commented, this is an opportunity or in my world, a possibility to do something you hadn't expected. My work is filled with those moments!
Best of all, you are doing it!

Annet said...

I like your block! Today it finally feels like spring here. I worked in the garden with the sun shining.

Unknown said...

Hi Margaret, your block is beautiful and I really love the colour combination. I think you just had to change the design by adding the crocheted flower so don’t worry about unpicking stitches.


Hello Margaret. I think all your embroidery is beautiful and I think the more stitches and motifs the better.. I like the encrusted look. Hugs Judy

Marjolein said...

I agree with the comments above...your block isn't bad at all. There is a lot to admire. I really like the terra chain and chevron stitches, it is the perfect color to go with the green. Unpicking is just part of the job, we all do that from time to time. It even can lead to a new idea.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

There's a little bit of life in the gardens but we are behind, sunshine and showers today and a fierce wind too! I love the little cat in this one :) x

Gaia said...

Hi Margaret,I like it a lot, it does feel like spring[all the colours]. I specially like the ladybird among the flowers and the cat sitting near by.

Chyfey said...

Hi Margaret,love the work you have done on this block,maybe a bit more orange/yellow below the cat to balance that bottom corner with the top diagonal corner.Otherwise its brilliant,you are as the girls say much too hard on yourself.Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day today grey humid and yuck.....Lova Faye

Mary Ellen said...

Looks very good to me. If it was your joy to make it, embrace the results.

Claudia said...

Your block is great, but you still could add stitches, buttons, beads on ths blank fabric. It is goog to learn by doing!Spring will come hopefully a wonderful and warm!

Deepa said...

Hi Margaret,
Iam no expert in embellishing and crazy quilting, but I think if your base fabric is of the same shade then if you use contrasting embellishments,the piece will look much brighter. For instance, when I look at the pic what catches my eye is the flower which you placed to cover up the holes :)

Susan Hook said...

Hello Margaret,do not be disheartened Margaret your block looks good,I like your little embellishments.My idea to fill spaces would be to use some sort of coloured brade or a bit of lace to your block,I always find this works well.

Stitching Lady said...

My dear, make something green and you can be sure I will love it, But as you say, we are learning with each project.

motidana said...

I think your block is lovely Margaret . Though I don`t know much about crazy quilting , I really loved the way you have embellished it with the embroidery stitches . And I love the green color too . It has a lovely look of freshness about it!

motidana said...

I think your block is lovely Margaret . Though I don`t know much about crazy quilting , I really loved the way you have embellished it with the embroidery stitches . And I love the green color too . It has a lovely look of freshness about it!

Isabelle said...

this block is wonderful. the cat is so cute !

Melissa said...

I think you are too hard on yourself I like this block!!! I really love the blue flower vine! I really like how it wanders. And I also think the daffodils are cute and the cat and the seam by the cat is really cool and I like the tatting etc.! I think your quilt is going to be fun to look at when it's all pieced together. It will be like those cool search photos where you find hidden images. Your blocks have lots of interesting bits to find and enjoy. I hope you don't get tired of green! LOL I've been wondering if I'll get tired of my tea theme too, I guess we'll see what happens! I figure with green all the colors go well with it so you can mix it up that since you love green you'll enjoy the finished piece!

Anonymous said...

I quite like your block and plan to steal one of those seams for my patriotic blocks!

NickiLee said...

Hi Margaret!
Your block is adorable - I love your kitty and the color combination is great! Not to worry about picking out stiches - I do it ALL the time. I have an little surprise sitting here for you with your name on the envelope but I can't seem to find your address - send it to me when you have a minute.

Big hugs across the waters!

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