Saturday, 25 April 2015

returning to blogging update on my quilting projects

After 4 months absence from my blog I am determined to do a blog today.

First thank you so much to those of you who have been such a support whilst I have been going through such a bad time with both Catherine and Helen being so poorly,  your prayers and support have been a great help   thankyou all.

The girls are still both unwell but hope to see improvement soon.  Helen has an MRI scan next thursday and then the specialist will decide whether further surgery is needed,  Catherine is undergoing a lot of counselling but at the moment is still very depressed.  It is so tough as neither of my girls   well I call them girls but they are 42 and 38 years old have good prognosis,  Helen`s crohns is a lifelong illness unless a miracle cure is found and Catherine has had her mental helath issues since the age of 13.

My stitching has had a long break,  having not done any for about 10 weeks I am now back and doing quite a bit.  A cot quilt for a great nephew,  I got this done to flimsy stage this on 3 jan and it was the last bit of stitching and then managed to complete it on 21 march when I started stitching again

Here is Helen`s wallhanging, her choice of colours etc.  I did sign up to do the 2015 crazy quilt challenge but must own up to not having even started it yet and think I will pass on it this year!

The little bunny BOM quilt challenge I did last year is still in block form but I have added another 10 blocks to it so it is now 30 blocks,  I am taking it to the Yorkshire MQG next month and hopefully they will help me decide on putting the blocks in some sort of order,   feel quite pleased as I had to choose and work out how to make the 10 blocks myself   some achievement for me.  here are all 30 blocks they are 12" so it is going to be quite a large quilt.

I have also made a disappearing nine patch,   in flimsy stage. Having cut up the blocks I randomly picked them out of a basket to join them together,  it seemed to work quite well

This is a flimsy of the economy blocks made in 2013,  I made 100 blocks but made 5 into mug mats,
I recently found them having forgotten about them and now they are joined together together, Helen seems to think I should complete it for her so have made 140 more bocks but this time they are 6" blocks,  this one have 5" blocks so will come out bigger but that needs some thought before I put them together and at the moment I am too stiff to plan them out on the floor!  old age creeping up on me.

This is a little bag made through a create and craft show with Jennie Rayment, made up of 6  60 degree triangles I think it works rather well and was very quick to do,  I did cheat as the lining is not pieced like the outside, it is the first time I have used magnet closures and will certainly use them again

It is good to be back and later today I plan to look at the blogs I follow, I am sure you will understand if I do not go back to january as it would take for ever to catch up with everything