Monday, 13 February 2017

4 more completed quilts

Another 4 to tick off the UFO list.

Maggies dance was a BOM with Jaquelynne Steves  I enjoyed this as it has a bit of embroidery on. Sorry not a good photo and that is with my new camera . I drapped it over the couch as it is too wet and cold to photo outside and it is so overcast and dull hope we will get some sunshine soon.. This one I hand quilted

The next one started out as a BOM with Little Bunny quilts in 2014 but I added more blocks and got a bit carried away.  Now when I look at it I think it would have been much better with sashing and maybe 2 quilts instead of 1.  Catherine I am sure will want this one as like me green is her favourite colour.  I am hoping the quilting shows up better when I publish this blog

This is a close up of a very small section, I used a hera marker to get the lines 

These last 2 quilts I have done all on my own without BOMs. books, patterns etc.

Now for my rabbit lap quilt,  I love this one. Three different kinds of quilting on this random free machine quilting then diagonal lines and wavy lines with the walking foot,  the rabbit and other panels have not been quilted except on the borders,  maybe they need some quilting   advice welcome  

The final one I completed today is my disappearing nine patch with pinwheels  the blocks were made in 2015 I have not quilted the pinwheel blocks and have randomly quilted the other squares free machine  then used the walking foot with a wavy stitch to do the smaller squares and rectangles,    I felt I was finally getting somewhere with my quilting with this one,   the stitches are more or less the same size!

Not bad 9 completed this year   I have 4 more waiting to be done  2 in the aiming for accuracy BOMs one from 2014 and the other 2015  , my hexie BOM from 2015 and my secret garden BOM with Pat Sloan done last year.  I have today removed the border I had put on it and liking it much more now but need a backing for it.  The other 3 have their wadding and backings sorted but plan to put them on the back burner for now.

Feel a bit flat now after all this quilting    going to have a look at other projects I have on the to do list and also have about 50 blocks made plus 140 economy blocks but not a clue about how to arrange them so maybe time for  a new project.

All the quilts were done on my bernina 1230   how I wish I had a machine with a bigger throat/neck or whatever it is called.  I had my glaucoma check up today and the specialist always asks me about my stitching  she has asister in law that is a quilter  she said I should treat myself trouble is the savings I have will jst about cover my funeral so need to save some more before I can think about a machine