Friday, 24 October 2014

more quilting to add to my to do list

  I said no more projects as I already have a list longer than my arm and longer than I will ever get to complete when what happens along comes Women of the Bible  a free BOM from little and I find I have signed up to do this too.  The first two blocks have been posted Eve and Rachel and what I love about this is they tell you about the women the block is named after so interesting to read.   I plan to download all the blocks as they come on line and make the quilt in 2015,  I find this easier than doing a block as they appear and I can place my fabrics better this way.  If anyone is interested I think it might close soon and you only have a short period of time to download the block before it is removed.   Her is a picture of what it is all about

I have also started the spiders web quilt with  Pat Broe from life in the scrapatch,  this is just  a quickie,   we did  part of it yesterday and the next bit is to do is the black curves,  I have got the right template for this so hoping all will go well.  It uses 80 2.5" squares and fortunately I had lots left over from my steps to the Altar quilt so no new cutting to do.   Was going to share a photo of what Pat`s looks like but don`t know how to do that. Oh yes I think there is a photo of the quilt on my blog on the right hand side with all the BOM`s etc, dare not look as I will probably lose this epistle.

I have also become a great aunt again,  the ages go from 18 down to a couple of weeks and Katie has said she would like a quilt made with lemon, cream and green pastels,    still trying to find the fabric but whilst in one shop they showed me a baby panel which was only £2 so bought it and have quilted it by hand and will give it to Katie but will also make what she requested when I track down suitable fabric.

Now for my big spend,   this computer is going so slow it is nearly going backwards and has crashed a few times recently so today I have bought a laptop,   well a baby one, the screen is only 11" but it should be okay and means I can use it all over the house,  that is when I pluck up the courage to open up the box,  maybe my youngest brother from Sheffield will come soon and he could help me.  I was served by the assistant manager of the store and he took me to the till then gave a code to the operator and went away,  the operator said it was my lucky day as he was giving me a free external hard drive for backup   how lucky am I,  I use memory sticks at the moment and have 4 and needed to buy another so now will not have to.    Wonder how long it will be before I can use the new one   next year probably!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

two completed quilts

Here are two more quilts completed.

This is the one done with Jennie Rayment on the create and craft tv channel.  One of the blocks  the celtic knot has been omitted and replaced with a court house steps block as I could not do the fiddly bias for the knot.  The binding has been made form the left over fabrics in the blocks. Unfortunately it was a bit windy when I took this photo.   it is 43" square

This is the back,   as you can see I have quilted each block to suit the block pattern

My second quilt has had a name change,  when we were shown at the Yorkshire MQG how to make this quilt it was called a vomit quilt!   I think the name comes form Katy Jones of I`m a gingermonkey fame but have since found it n a book and it is called steps to the altar which is a much nicer name.   Not sure if I have quilted it enough, will maybe have to add some more but living with it as it is for now.  It is a little smaller than it should be as I pieced all the blocks on my elna little machine which is light enough to take to class  (weather permitting)  it does not have a quarter inch foot so the seams were a bit bigger but as I continued to make all the blocks with the same seam allowance it worked out okay.   It measures 41`" by 55"

the photo was taken indoors as it was raining outside.

Two other little things done this last week,    the hexie block for the BOM challenge this month was candy corn which was new to me and the bee blessed charity block or rather a double block for this month too.

these blocks were made as 2 strip blocks then cut in half diagonally and swapped around, the strips were assorted sizes,   think I might make a scrappy quilt like thus when I have a bag enough supply of scraps.  It had arrived safely in Ireland where a group of ladies meet and put all the blocks together and  make into quilts.

I wonder if anyone else is having problems leaving comments on some blogs.  The blogs I follow that have a comment box that opens in a separate window I have been unable to comment on as the window will not open,  the same goes if I try to pin form these blogs the pinterest window will not open,  this does not happen with the blogs that the comments open up below the blog     if you know what I mean.  if anyone can throw some light on this problem I would be very grateful and if you are wondering why I have not commented you now know.    This is not happening all the time   sometimes it will work for a couple of blogs        modern technology sometimes it is way above my head. 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Charity quilt find

Tuesday really was my lucky day,    I went out looking for some backing fabric for a quilt and came home with a wonderful hexagon flower garden unfinished quilt that I found in a charity shop for £10.
 I will have to unpick a row from the top or bottom to complete one of the sides which is 3 flowers short and then hopefully finish it.  The papers are still in it and although not newspapers there was one piece with the date on advertising a holiday, closing date 12/12/79  of course it might not have been made then but it is the only date to go on.

not much else to share,    this is my crazy block for october

I also entered 2 pieces into the local show which had textiles, art, photography, other crafts, flowers veg etc  and was held in out local park.  The show has been running for 6 years now and I entered the first 3 and won each time, I did not enter for 2 years then at the last moment  decided to take one of the Tula Pink throws and my crazy hanging down,  I came away with a 1st and 2nd in the textiles and a 1st for the overall winner covering all the crafts,  this was not a big deal as there were only a few entries.  I now have a great big trophy which I have to own up and say is on the windowsill in the down stairs loo!  The trophy gets returned in a years time.   Needless to say I am feeling pretty pleased with myself!