Saturday, 23 August 2014

Festival of quilts

I am finally getting round to sharing some photos of the amazing quilt show I went to in Birmingham.   Over 1000 quilts and 300 traders,  although I was there 3 days I did not see all the quilts or various demonstrations that were happening but had a wonderful time.  It was lovely to meet up with Queenie from Japan who I met last year and I also got to meet Benta another blogger and some of her friends who also blog.  Cheryl my friend from London was there too and she had a quilt in the show but unfortunately the 3 photos I took have her on them so must make sure she does not mind me sharing her as well as her quilt with you, I am sure she will have a photo that she can email me and I can add it on a future blog.

There was a lovely display of quilts made for the cat protection charity that were being sold to raise funds,  here is a collage of them all.

Now for some of the winning quilts.

this was in the young quilter/embroiderer  12-16 age group,  done by Millie Ayres,  think we will be seeing lots more by this young lady

best in show winner,   completely reversible,  meant to go back and get a photo of the other side as they were going to turn it round but did not have time.   Sorry did not make a note of the number of this one  and cannot find it in the catalogue

how amazing is this,   a working grandfather clock that one the quilt creations award,   made by Kate Crossley from Oxford,   this really had the crowds around it     so beautifully made and was working, keeping perfect time.  Not sure how it was transported,  thought maybe it was in sections but someone said no it was a whole piece,  brilliant,   you can tell I was in awe with this can`t you.

This is the winner of the pictorial quilt section,   created by Janneke de Vries-Bodzinga from the Netherlands using silk, hand dyed cotton and cotton.

  What a beauty this is,  winner of the tradition section and made by Phillippa Naylor from Beverley,    think this was a favourite of a lot of the visitors      a wonderful traditional quilt.

hope you enjoyed these,  will share some more in a few days.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

wonky wheel

This is the latest block I have done,  a wonky pinwheel,    sorry I did not write down where I found it and cannot remember but I rather like the effect.

I have also done the little bunny BOM for august which is the missouri star,  one more to go for the 12 but Alison is going to give us some additional ones to make as well.   I can`t tell you how much I have enjoyed doing these blocks.   Each month Alison gives us a choice of 3 blocks and we vote for the one we would like to do,  I think the last one I have voted for is the bow tie but it all depends on how others vote,   whichever is chosen will be okay with me.

My crazy block for august is also done and met with Helen`s approval.

On friday I am going down to Birmingham for three days to the festival of quilts,    so looking forward to it,   there will be about 1000 quilts on display so if that does not inspire me nothing will.  Plenty of photos will be taken as I will charge the camera up each evening. There will also be over 300 stands with lots of wonderful things to purchase,  I do have a list but I am sure I will stray from it and be tempted.   Have today watched a video on applique pressing sheets and that has been added to my list as I must have a go at applique and if this will make it easier it is a must have.  Along with the quilts and temptations there are workshops and demonstrations on the stands too     what a great time I am going to have.

I am saving my EPP block for august to do whilst I am away in the evening,  this month it is a sun.

Tomorrow Heidi my 22 year old bernina is going in for her first ever service ,  I am sure she will be the better for it and will be a lot quieter when she comes home next monday.  Now I am quilting she will need to be serviced more often as cotton makes fluff etc.  If I feel the need to machine stitch in the mean time I will get my new home out which is about 35 and has been serviced once!!

Think that is all for now,   happy stitching