Thursday, 2 July 2015

mug mats and assorted projects

We are having a mini heat wave here at the moment,   how I love the sun,  sitting out in it is my idea of bliss.  Fortunately I do not burn   having inherited my father`s Aussie genes,  mind you I would not want to work in this heat.  We have had 2 beautiful days and today seems glorious too,  thunderstorms are predicted for later today.  Helen and I are off to Roundhay Park for lunch and we will sit by the lake afterwards and feed the ducks with defrosted peas,  that is what they say we should use these days and no bread.   Have just spoken to Helen and change of plans,  we will go earlier and feed the ducks in the morning in case we have a storm,  suits me better I can come home and watch Wimbledon providing they do not get the storms, no that will be okay as they will just close the roof.
Not much in the way of finishes for you today spoI am adding some mug mats I made from the left over economy blocks.  I use one as a pad for my mouse for the lap top,  cannot cope with using the pad itself.

I am also working on a cat redwork wallhanging.  It has 8 different cat blocks,  I am doing them with assorted green perle cottons,  here is the first block I have done

Another project on the go is a steps to the altar quilt,  Each block has 49 2.5" squares in so had to cut out 980 in total! I have made 20 blocks but not joined them together yet,   seem to get to this stage and then no further.  Now have 4 in this state!  Not sure how I would manage without the kitchen floor to photo on!

Also cut out waiting to sew into blocks is the row by row quilt with littlebunnyquilts   and of course a lot more of   " I want to do projeccts"  in hand