Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Jennie Rayment twiddly bag,pin cushion swap, Podunk Pretties pieces

Little bags are  being made.  This one is Driven dotty by Jennie Rayment   it is from one of her books Tucked up in bed and there is also a tutorial on   http://www.justhands-on.tv/website that I subscribe to,  some of the videos etc are free not sure if this one is though.  The twiddly fiddly bit is made from a 23" square of calico/muslin depending on where you live,  I decided to add a border and make a little bag once the twiddly bit had been done.  I am one big fan of Jennies  have had a go at lots of her twiddly bits but this is the first one I have made into anything,   watch this space will be making others too as I have all her books so no excuses.

I received these 2 lovely pin cushions from Bea last week   I am spoilt as the swap usually involves one not two.  One with a lovely FPP cat   cats are my favourite animals and another with a Bible quotation on,  Bea knows my faith means a great deal to me and I will be taking it with me to my Bible reflections group today.
Thankyou Bea  I am thrilled with both of these.

This is the one I sent to Bea,  her favourite colour is blue and I used left overs from flying geese to make the pin wheel

One more month to go and I made the swap cushion yesterday so will be posting it in a few days,   will share when I get my swap one .

I have not been doing much on large projects recently but have made the back porch blooms from podunk pretties blog   now lets see if I can add a link   http://podunkpretties.blogspot.co.uk/search?updated-max=2016-05-19T18:10:00-04:00&max-results=4&start=4&by-date=false   fingers   crossed this is right,  seems a very long link to me!!also on the blog are the instructions for the flower and butterfly which she has kindly shared with us.


I sew enjoyed making these.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

cozy afternoon quilt, disappearing nine patch quilt, Blossom Hearts BOM blocks

At last the Cozy afternoon quilt I did as a BOM in 2015 with Jacquelynne Steves is completed.  This is the first time I have set blocks on point a bit of a struggle but think I did okay,  it measures 64" square and sits on the bed nicely  comes up to the pillows so do not need to turn it down when in bed I will be using it as a lap quilt when it is cold

This is the 5th mini in the BOM  called chirp as there should be little birds appliqued  in the calico squares which Jacquelynne is running at the moment.  There are 6 in total and have one left to do next month,  All the quilts in this series are appliqued but that is a bit beyond me at the moment so I will be adding embroidery to them all when the 6th is made.  It will be 26" square when completed

This is the disappearing none patch that I kept cutting and adding more to now quilted and finished,  I have a stool that Granny made,  she passed away in 1956 which has a tapestry top now pretty bald in places,  this fits nicely on top but not attaching it as do not want to remove Granny`s stitchery

These are the first 10 blocks in the Blossom Hearts BOM    they are all using half square triangles which are made using various ways,  I am liking when you make 8 out of 2 large squares  this is so much quicker when you need 8 all the same

Not sure what is next on the list but think I will quilt my second lone star quilt as that is ready all pinned uup and saying  Quilt me please.

Friday, 6 May 2016

pin cushions, Alfie

I am taking part in a 3 month pin cushion swap and have received my first one from Janne in Norway
So thrilled with this,  it has little pockets on all 4 sides and the peacock fabric is wonderful,  even better I managed to buy some the other day to add to my stash.

This is the one I made and sent to Yanicka in Canada,  she has let me know it arrived safe and sound.

I have made my disappearing nine patch into a small quilt  24" square as I was trying some new wadding my local shop has not sold before so Sue asked me to try some out for her.  It quilted well and washed with little shrinkage so have ordered a roll for myself.

Catherine gave me back a large piece of stitchery a few weeks ago,  it was a piece I did for my city and guilds part 2   had forgotten I had  a sort of patchwork piece as I was doing the embroidery course,    It was made as a large fire screen to hid a hideous gas fire in a previous home,   now out of the frame as the frame was battered about, have it as a fire screen once again until I decide what to do with it, maybe remove it from the backing,  it is laced on and add wadding and do some more quilting. The fabric was all dyed by myself   well sponged with paint and then salt sprinkled onto it.  have just fond the paperwork and it appears the inspiration came from doors and balconies in Malta.  The  hand quilting was done with coton a broder    forgot I had used that seem to think there is a stash of it somewhere so might use it again for hand quilting.

Think maybe I will try and find photos of the other pieces I made and share them too,  no digital camera in those days!  some pieces I still have so can rephoto but one is in Australia and one I did when my granddaughter was born.  Oh yes Alison my sister is coming over in august   will get her to photo the 25th wedding anniversay sampler I did for her   that is if she kept it!

Alfie came for two days a few  days ago,  think he was happy here looking very content on the kitchen window sill in the sunshine.

Have made 10 more blocks in the stars and pinwheels QAL I have been doing with Susan of Dessertsky blog.  Now have 22 made and more cut out and have added to hers from books etc, maybe when completed I will get 2 quilts out of them,  using up scraps so very random.