Tuesday, 6 August 2013

crazy block

Another month has come so here is my block for the CQJP challenge for august. Think I might have been a little lazy with this  time, the centre flower is a little crochet flower and down in the bottom left hand corner was something i attempted on the embellishing machine  (can only improve). Only 4 left to do now hen will have to get the thinking cap on as to what to do with them all. There are a couple of Sharon`s stencil patterns here, a beaded dragonfly and of course more little bits of tatting. Over all I am quite pleased with it.

 It is also time for 3 more Tula Pink blocks. These are nos 31, 32 and 33.

Friday, 2 August 2013

courthouse steps bag

I have been playing about with some jelly roll that I have and decided to try my hand at the Courthouse steps block,  having made 25 blocks thought they might work as a bag so joined them all up and then made the back of the bag using strips of jelly rolls.   I mounted these on some bump with a muslin backing and hand quilted both pieces.   I used perle 5`s for the back,  this was a mistake as I thought it was an 8 perle.  The front I used 8`s in red and green,  working diagonals in the centre squares and just stitching up the centre of the steps.   For once I am feeling quite pleased with myself and at last feel like I am getting some where with my patchwork.    I lined the bag with a pretty piece of poly cotton,   I suppose you are tutting now that I did not use cotton but the bump is made from polyester so did not think it would matter.   This bag I will take to the quilt festival with me, lots of room in it too!   I even made a buttonhole on the tab fastening and covered a button with some of the fabric.

When I went to the local market to get the fabric for the lining I took my piece of bump with me  ( I did not know what it was ) and the lady said it was bump which is used to put between curtains and their lining.   Am I okay  to use it in patchwork, it is made from polyester, must say it was lovely to hand quilt.  Advice please.

Prior to making this bag I made another that was in the popular patchwork  bag special.  It is not as big as I would have liked in fact it is small  but was a good learning curve, will try and make another bigger as I am sure I can find things to put in it.  This one you cut the 2 pieces of fabric 9.5" by 15", it has an external pocket both on the front and the back.

I also used the bump in this one.  The bag I made prior that I put on my blog I think I will take apart and use some bump in it as it is very floppy and has no body, I put a small book in it and it went all out of shape,  never mind I have learnt by my mistakes!      Next think I want to try is a bit of machine quilting, I do have a walking foot which makes it easier so just watch this space but do not hold your breath.