Saturday, 16 February 2013

triangular feather stitch

today I did my sample for the triangular feather stitch form Sharon`s blog pintangle.  After I had made a frame shape which I had problems with at the corners, sorry could not work out how to use the stitch there I then had to put something in the centre. Having had Valentine`s day I took the easy route and just added a patchwork heart and attached it to the fabric with feather stitch.  Have been working on some hardanger for Helen my younger daughter, 7 pieces in all,   worked in pink and white which was what she requested, I think it will be a while before these are finished, have the main bits stitched but all the cutting and weaving to do and as I have designed them myself have got to work out what to do where. Maybe next time I will show a work in progress but no photos yet.

Friday, 8 February 2013

CQJP february

this last week I have been working on the february block,   have kept a flower in the centre block, a snowdrop as I have one out in the garden.
I have also gone with the valentine theme and put a cherub and couple of hearts on it.
I have used assorted stitches,  stem, straight, detached chain, oyster, knotted feather, spine chain, wheatear with beads and blanket with some straight stitches.
Another piece of tatting in orange. This month the block seems to be quite orange but I do like it with the green.

There are one or two areas that look a little bare but these I can add to when the other 10 blocks are completed and I decide what to do with them.

This did not photo well, the colours are not true and although have tried again it still comes out this colour

I have also done the tast stitch 51 today,  raised herringbone band.  4 samples of the stitch, the first 3 rows were counted out geometrically but row 4 was stitched in a random manner.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

patchwork blocks

I have done another 3 blocks one for the justhands-ontv  the pin wheel and two for the create and craft show, tumbling blocks and spinning star.The create and craft lessons have now finished but Jennie is going to do some more workshops including a waistcoat.She has also put all the instructions on her web site for anyone who might like to have a go.That link does not seem to have worked, sorry not sure how you put links onto blogs.  maybe someone will let me know?

It is interesting how 2 teachers do the blocks in different ways, with being a beginner I get a bit muddled but no doubt I will work out whose methods I like best soon.

spinning star and tumbling blocks

 the blocks done from create and craft use templates, here I have used 60 and 45 degree diamonds and the 6.5" easy angle,  they make life much easier but reduce the bank balance considerably! I really must stop buying these things and must make full use of those I have already bought!
I found the tumbling blocks done the English paper piecing method much easier than using the diamond templates on the machine as done with this latest one.
Maybe I will now make the ones I enjoyed doing most in some cotton fabric and who knows as I gain experience and confidence a quilt or wall hanging might appear,    don`t hold your breath though.

I must start on the CQJP for february in the next few days