Sunday, 3 February 2013

patchwork blocks

I have done another 3 blocks one for the justhands-ontv  the pin wheel and two for the create and craft show, tumbling blocks and spinning star.The create and craft lessons have now finished but Jennie is going to do some more workshops including a waistcoat.She has also put all the instructions on her web site for anyone who might like to have a go.That link does not seem to have worked, sorry not sure how you put links onto blogs.  maybe someone will let me know?

It is interesting how 2 teachers do the blocks in different ways, with being a beginner I get a bit muddled but no doubt I will work out whose methods I like best soon.

spinning star and tumbling blocks

 the blocks done from create and craft use templates, here I have used 60 and 45 degree diamonds and the 6.5" easy angle,  they make life much easier but reduce the bank balance considerably! I really must stop buying these things and must make full use of those I have already bought!
I found the tumbling blocks done the English paper piecing method much easier than using the diamond templates on the machine as done with this latest one.
Maybe I will now make the ones I enjoyed doing most in some cotton fabric and who knows as I gain experience and confidence a quilt or wall hanging might appear,    don`t hold your breath though.

I must start on the CQJP for february in the next few days


Stitching Lady said...

Your new block just popped onto my screen. Well done. Those blocks are keeping you quit busy.


Hello Margaret, I think the spinning star has several names. I call them Friendship Stars. You did a lovely job of creating both blocks. Hugs Judy

Boud said...

First of all, tumbling blocks is one of my favorite patterns.

And second, to make a link: make sure you know the whole address of the destination you're sending us to, then click on the link icon at the top of your posting box. That will give you a screen asking for the url, Insert that, click on okay, and with any luck, you'll have a link made. I also like to say something like "go here" highlight the word "here" then make the link. that way the word "here" becomes your link. Try it, it's fun! another blogger taught me to do this.

Annet said...

You made some lovely blocks again!

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Really like the top one, the possibilities are endless! :) x

Gaia said...

They all look lovely, but I do like the tumbling blocks the best.

Pippas quilts said...

The blocks look great you will find favourites but I do love to try new ones. I always right click on the header bar of the web site I want to link to and copy the address then put it on the url you can see if it works if you try it on your preview before publishing.

Createology said...

Your blocks look wonderful to me. I am not a quilter so I can't even understand different block names and methods. Blissful Stitching...

Séverine said...

Your blocks are wonderful

Claudia said...

You did a great job making all these wonderful blocks. I think there is a proper method for everyone. Looking forward to your February block!

Queeniepatch said...

Good work, Margaret!
There is always a personal method and once you have found what works for you that is what to stick to, I think.
Paper piecing is good for hexagons and tumbling blocks but can be used for any piecework. It takes a lot of preparation and cardboard but once done you usually get perfect result - by hand, that is!
If you include the http:// part in the url address the link should light up and be click-able.

Susan Hook said...

You are doing really well with your blocks they look lovely, I think a wall hanging is a good idea, it will give you something to aim for. I will look forward to your next block.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your blocks all look terrific Margaret. You certainly are doing so well with making them! I especially like the pinwheel and the colours you picked :)

Jillian said...

Well done! I really like the three dimensional effect of tumbling blocks. Others have explained the links method. I'm happy to elaborate if you still have questions.

Anita said...

All your blocks are wonderful Margaret.My favorite one is pinwheel and paper piecing method really well while hand piecing.You are right about templates,when you don't have a particular template you'll tend to think and find a way to do a block with whatever you have.I also make my own cardboard templates to save some money :)

J Honda said...

very well done Margaret! and thank you for the name of Jennie's site - a lovely site! I too prefer the paper piecing method - keeps me less confused :)

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