Saturday, 29 August 2015

photos from the Festival of Quilts

Finally as promised I am uploading some photos from the Festival of Quilts,  hope you enjoy them

this is a 2 person quilt

There was a display of Alice in Wonderland quilts and this one really caught my eye,   still love the book!!

The next two were made by my friend Cherly


Such a peaceful scene, loved this one

This is a bit of fun

certainly plenty of HSTs here

What a show stopper,  a chess board that took 10 years to complete and was made by Mavis Walker

   This appealed as it was so colourful

This is the show winner   made by Janette Chilver    a beautiful quilt.

this is the binding on the winning quilt,   love the little scallop she put on prior to the binding   fascinating have not a clue how it as done

This Stonefields quilt was the visitors choice winner on the satuday,  not sure if it won everyday    what a beauty,  quite a few bloggers I follow are also making this quilt

This won the young quilter 5-8 group   such talent in one so young

This is the 12 - 16 age group winner    a real beauty.

I have also added a bright green 4" border to the cat wall hanging and this morning quilted the steps to heaven,  just the binding to do now  which |I hope to do monday   The quilting is slowly improving, just diagonal and straight lines following the squares.  Pictures will follow in the next blog

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

quilted shopper, cat wall hanging.cozy afternoon

I have a few things to share today, seem to be rather lazy in writing my blog but not in keeping up with the ones I follow.

I made this shopper to take to the quilt show as it is very roomy!  I used some of a jelly roll I got as a gift from Popular patchwork magazine,  not my fabric choice but it works well on the bag.


All 8 cat blocks are now done, corner blocks added and the sashing done,  now to decide on the 4" borders,  was thinking a darker orange but now not so sure,  will take it to my local shop today and pick there brains and see what they suggest. Back from the shop and have a bright green for the 4" border,  trust it works okay  maybe will get it done today though I need to get out and find backing for 4 flimsies,  need sheeting really so far not tracked any down as I do not want to piece the backing   far too complicated 

I have also done 4 cozy afternoon blocks so now caught up with the BOM,  quite   well no very pleased with how these have worked,  the last one was difficult to do but oh so worth it.  There is one more block to do which should be out next week

I even managed to make a paper foundation block,  used rubbish fabric as did not know what I was doing,  took me ages and still not really understanding how to do it but    well I have done a block,   pat on the back for me.

This blog was started 2 days ago but could not upload photos till today   lap top seems to be playing up since the windows 10 upgrade.

Will post the quilt show photos tomorrow if lap top allows.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

august hexagon

I am home from my visit to Birmingham and the Festival of Quilts show.   So many quilts to see and admire   will be sharing some photos on my next blog,  need to sort through them all first.

Not much stitching done,   the august hexie I finished this morning

I signed up for the twinkle quilt along with zany quilter and made a trial block to see if I would manage them okay   What appealed to me is the sashing is done as you go adding 2 pieces to each block and like the flying geese that are different to any goose I have come across before..  I think I will do it in assorted fabrics rather doing all the blocks the same,  there are 5 different sizes to choose from so will see how I go on.  This one will not be used in my quilt   just a scrap one, I would never put these fabrics together normally.

I had a bit of a shock when I realised I had 10 projects on the go and far too many on the to do list and now this one is added along with the midnight mystery quilt and also the mystery quiltalong which is little houses that are not foundation paper pieced    so glad as I cannot get my head around paper piecing.   I must not forget I gave in and bought Lori Holt`s farm girl vintage quilt book as I have seen so many blocks on the internet and so wanted to have a go myself,   this is on hold for now though

Saturday, 1 August 2015

cats, hexies and flimsies

I have not managed to complete anything these past few weeks,  seem to have too many projects on the go at once,  I am sure most of you have the same problem!

The cat wall hanging is progressing   4 new blocks stitched,

I have used a different perle thread for each block,  some have worked better than others, hoping when completed it will be okay otherwise I will restitch some of them,  3 more to go and then the patchwork blocks to make sashing and borders to do   followed by the dreaded quilting!

I have also done the july hexie for the BOM
sorry not too good a photo,  thought I had taken one with the camera but can`t find it,  this is on the tablet and still learning with that but can at least email ti to myself to download to the blog   must be learning something.

I took part in the littlebunnyquilts blog row by row quilt,  I did not do it till this week,  prefer to collect the BOM posts and save till I have them all,  not sure about it,  the sashing and borders should be done in the background fabric which is a white on white but of course did not read the instructions fully when cutting out the blocks. They were all cut out together but the sashing and borders should have been cut first,  serves me right not enough fabric as you had to cut 2 76" lengths. I had to buy more and the shop had sold out so got a new roll but it is a different white to the first,  not to worry we decided on the bright pink instead, I think it works okay. It measures 54" x 76". The colours are brighter than they look here, think the second row is too wishy washy and noticed a mistake in it, not sure if I will correct it will decide later when I get around to quilting it.

Now here is the steps to the altar   also on a flimsy stage . It measures 56" x 70". I am not planning on a border   to be honest not planning to do anything with it for now,   dread layering it up and quilting it.  When I was doing embroidery I would complete each project before starting anything new   how times have changed.

I also did the scrap vortex quilt with crazymoms blog,  what a great way to use up scraps   now I need more. This is made up by adding scraps to. scraps until I got a block about 12.5", it measures 60" square   I loved doing this and can see me cutting fabric into scraps to do more

Off to Birmingham on friday for 2 days for the Festival of Quilts. Was not planning to go this year but had a change of heart,  wish I could have gone for the 4 days but too pricey,  no plans to buy any fabric but would like to get the loc bloc rulers,  HST and flying goose which also works on square in a square,  aparently it is much quicker using them and I do not enjoy trimming HST blocks I always cut mine a little bigger to allow for errors! .Last year I left it till the last day and they had sold out.  Hopefully we will soon have a supplier in this country that sells them rather than waiting till they come over form USA for the show.

I have 2 more sets of blocks waiting to be joined into 2 quilts,  one a square in a square project and the other a disappearing nine patch with a pinwheel in one corner of each block