Wednesday, 24 April 2013

patchwork blocks

This morning I have typed a long blog but it was to doneoto the accounts I set up at the beginning that never worked so will start again now! I have 2 blogs that do not work which I would love to delete     has anyone any idea how to do it.

Have been successful in transferring my google reader to bloglovin last week and it all seems to be working okay.

I have been having another go at patchwork blocks,   still working in poly cotton as I still do not really know what I am doing.

Thought I would use some templates I have bought but not too sure of them yet. The templates are the easy angle which makes half square triangles and the companion angle which makes quarter square triangles.

Maple leaf, road to Oklahoma, Missouri star and  snail trail  were done without the templates on monday but  box, calico puzzle and economy I did yesterday ( tuesday) using the easy angle and companion angle. I do have a problem working out which are half and which are quarter squares, any tips gratefully received.

I also tried to put the photos into a collage on picaso, it seems to have worked but could not put them onto the blog, must be missing a link out.

Well if you persevere you sometimes get it right,    had to send the photo to my email address and then copied it to this blog    wow I am getting better! I am sure there is an easier way but until I find it carry on ding it this way. Having viewed the blog I see the photos have not gone on right after all, never mind one day I will get it right.

Photos in order from top left     box, snail trail, maple leaf,  Missouri star,  calico puzzle, road to Oklahoma and economy.   They are all from the Quilters Recipe book except the Maple leaf and that is from Lyn Edwards  the Sampler Quilt book.

Other templates i have bought are,   5 point star  ( have not taken it out of its wrapper yet, looks far too complicated) , flying geese, fat cat, easy dresden plate, clamshell/drunken path, tri rec and tri mate, hexagon that makes assorted sizes, 45 and 60 degree diamonds, 30, 45 and 90 degree triangles, the dear Jane templates and the Australian jelly monster, jelly pointer and pin wheel.

Now you can understand why I have to become proficient at patchwork   with all these templates surely I can achieve something worthwhile!!


Queeniepatch said...

You do have an extensive collection of quilt templates. Good excuse to make a sampler quilt, eh?
I'm sorry but I can not see the photographs you posted on your blog.

Mary Ellen said...

Margie, I did the same thing when I was new to quilting - bought a bunch of rulers which then sat for years because I didn't know how to use them. Bonnie Hunter, the Scrap Queen, has a great post at her blog ( on how to use the Easy Angle and Companion rulers: There are also lots of other fun things there.

Judith said...

I really wish I could see your photos Margaret. The blocks sound great. Judith x

Boud said...

I think if you have unused blogs (you do mean blogs, right, not blogposts?) you can click on settings and delete blog and go from there. But be SURE to delete only the blogs you want to! I'd hate this one to disappear.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I'm sorry I can't help with any of the technical stuff, I'm rubbish at it! :) x

crafty cat corner said...

Like Queeniepatch, I can't see the pictures Margie.

Createology said...

I too am no help with anything technical. I don't even try. Also no photo to see. You certainly are collecting the quilting templates. Next you can play and create. Wonderful week to you dear...

Jen said...

Hello Margaret , I haven't changed yet with my blog but I read my blogs through Blogger Dashboard and haven't heard yet that it will be going. I find my photos in Picasa will go to my blog If I right click on them and save as My Pictures I can send them to my blog(upload) from My Pictures. Hope it works for you.