Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I have been rather lazy of late, have been looking to se what others have done on their blog but rather neglected adding to mine.
Must make an effort today as tomorrow I am away for a few days, two lads I used to work with at the stitching shows in the UK and who now do the shows in Australia are back for a short visit to England so I am catching up with them at Sarah and Vartan`s  (sew it all) the company we all worked for which is now also in Australia and America.
It will be a great time, lots of laughs and catching up to do and no doubt we will have a few tipples.

I have buckled down and done a couple of examples of butterfly chain stitch which I have not comne accross before so will put the photos on.Had not come across this stitch before but enjoyed stitching it.

I am now working on the sampler for my daughter Catherine who will be 40 in july. All the wording is drafted out and the bit of hardanger, I am now going to decide what pulled and counted stitches to use to break up the wording.


Pippa's quilts said...

Have a great time enjoy.

Linda said...

Hope your time away is pleasant Margaret, and you have plenty of time to catch up with your friends.

shirley said...

Enjoy the break and have fun