Tuesday, 29 May 2012

not such a clever girl

thought I was being very clever doing my car boot blog but the descriptions are rather haywire, never mind things can only get better.

Had a lovely break down in Buckingham, I got the coach to Milton Keynes where Sarah met me and we spent a while at a small farm/nursery where Sarah bought some plants and I bought one for her called Sarah.
Next day we spent in the garden and on the saturday morning we went to the car boot sale.
Peter and Wayne who I had gone down to see got delayed due to Peter`s Dad being poorly but they arrived in the afternoon and I got some quality time with them prior to coming home on sunday afternoon. They are now on their way home to Australia ready for their next show in Sydney next week. Think they have twisted my arm enough to make me go out next year and do a couple of shows with them, it will be like old times, did not realise how much I had missed them until I saw them saturday, silly me I even cried!!

Down south everyone  is gearing up to the Queens jubilee but here where I live there seems to be nothing going on, will have to drink a toast to her and her family. Fingers crossed the weather keeps nice but think it is doubtful to last that long, the temperature has fallen a bit today.


Linda said...

Never mind about the way your post is displayed - Blogger sometimes becomes hard to deal with.......LOL....... I am pleased you enjoyed meeting your friends, and had a lovely time with your daughter. Wouldn't it be lovely if you manage to find your way Down Under!!!!

Pippa's quilts said...

So pleased you had a lovely visit with Sarah I am saving up to go to Australia may be not next year but the year after. Your blogs are coming on a treat.Saw this last week "I have let go of my perfectionist tendencies and have learned that done is better than perfect. Have a great weekend.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Margaret. Your certainly had a very lovely day with your friend Sarah. I am sure she love the plant you bought for her. A reminder of you in her garden, Lovely. Glad you had a lovely visit with your daughter before she left. Maybe one day you will travel to Australia. Hugs Judy