Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Taday I have caught up with TAST 2012, have 8 photos to add.
couching, (somehow missed this one when I added previously)
barred chain and alternating barred chain
satin stitch
stem stitch
french knots
wheatear stitch
crossed buttonhole stitch
half chevron stitch

So glad to have caught up. I think had I given these samples more thought I would have worked them on an evenweave fabric which I am more at home with, my first love being the hardanger technique.
Now, I am glad that I did them in this way as it has made me want to do more embroidery using this method. I would like to stitch some more intricate designs based on gardens.Not sure when I will get around to this however.
When I look back this is the kind of embroidery I did before I took up counted techniques so I am looking forward to having another go.


Annet said...

You made it, well done!

Suztats said...

Way to go! I'm behind, but kudos for catching up. Your stitches look good!

Linda said...

Good for you Margaret, catching up!! I am so far behind, it's just got beyond a joke now........... I like your samples, especially your circular wheatear one.

medhadevdas said...

wow beautiful