Sunday, 30 September 2012

knotted buttonhole stitch

my latest stitch from tast knotted buttonhole.
Rather a lazy attempt, I seem to be struggling as there is so much I want to try in the stitching world and feel a bit of the "what should I do next" syndrome so find myself just pottering and doing lots of unnecessary things,so putting off what I could be doing,  a good sort out of all my clutter might be a good idea but at the moment a good idea is all it will be! I try and keep everything together in the box room but do not work there as it is too small and cold, bring things down to the kitchen and they then pile up all over the place and spread to the lounge and even the utility room,     yes that is what I will do this morning return some of the clutter back upstairs!Have been doing more needle tatting in the evenings, trying to get the tension more even but I know that will come with practise.

The garden does not know what is happening this autumn, the other day I found a flower on the magnolia tree, fruit trees been very poor, no pears, few cherries, one apple tree with no apples but the plum tree planted last year gave me 20 delicious plums and my James Greer apple tree has about 30 apples, this has been in for 3 years now but lost the main branch with lots of apples when it was very windy in june.


Pippas quilts said...

I know what you mean about so many stitching things you want to do I am exactly the same and I do not know where to start so do something completely different. I spread and it goes all over the house. I love it when the grandchildren come for a sleepover as it makes me put everything away. Had them this weekend so house looks good for a few days at least.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Your stitching looks great. It was a bit of a stretch for me to come up with something new with this stitch since we have already done two other variations of the buttonhole, but I did manage to eek something out...will try to post later today. It has been a rough year for vegetation here in the midwest US too. Enjoy your week margaret.

Queeniepatch said...

I always have too many needlework projects on the go, at least five books to read and endless heaps of mail to attend to... It is difficult to know what to do next. Then I find the best thing is to do a thorough clearing. Remove all UFOs but one out of sight, keep one book but return the others to the bookcase and start answering the letters in chronological order. Once I have 'caught up' I feel so proud of having finished that embroidery or that book.
I think your TAST work this week is nice, you have let the needle do its own work. The stitches, fabric and thread are all beautiful.
A strong typhoon has just passed over Japan and many farmers have lost fruit from their trees.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

I like your neat knotted buttonhole doodle design and the background fabric too. I also feel constantly pulled in all directions when it comes to stitching and what I would like to make and do and try. Our apple trees were riddled last winter by voles and died and we didn't get any plums at all. Our garden did extremely well this summer thankfully and this week we'll get the last of the carrots out to put in peatmoss and store in our coldroom. Hope you have a lovely autumn day Margaret :)

Marjolein said...

I agree with Queeniepatch. It helps to simplify all the things you want to do. Clean up all things except one or two.
The thread you chose matches exactly the fabric.

Radka said...

I am up there with you re having half an eye on the next project, there is always something more interesting and exiting then what I am doing just now,LOL!
It has been a crazy year, we have 4 plum trees and not one plum this year.
Your stitching looks very good :-)