Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Yesterday I made a bag to take my cutting mat and rulers. I have just ordered a new mat as the one I`ve had for the past 18 years I have used to cut all sorts, even mount board with a stanley knife and now I am getting my head around patchwork thought there were on or two bits I needed.  I also have a new 24"ruler, a 12" sq,a 6" sq and new rotary cutter, oh yes have got a dresden plate template on order too,   must stop buying now. Quite pleased with the bag, had I thought about it a bit more I would have made it the other way round so it is long and thin rather than short and stout! The jelly roll I had bought last year (along with 2 others) an offer I could not refuse came in handy, still plenty left so think I will make a smaller bag for the 12"sq but not put wadding in it, will see.

Have discovered my nose does not like cotton, sneezing all the time whilst machining, think it must be the tiny bits of fluff, will have to learn to live with it as I am enjoying the patchwork world.

Have also taken the bull by the horns and signed up for the CQ block 2013, well will try anyway.

Now tast week 45 I have nothing to post as I had used the stitch on the casalguidi bags last week, so taking a week off,   maybe I will do another piece, see what tomorrow brings.


latha said...

Your bag look good ..... Thank you for visiting my blog and the encouraging words...I am not an expert, but I do different type of craft..It is in the family and all of us do little bit this and that in craft..Like to give a try on quilt which I have not done.Love TAST and learning stitches which I never heard before.

Queeniepatch said...

A great advantage of being a quilter is that one can make one's own custom made bags! It is hard to buy a bag that can accommodate the mat and ruler we want to carry around.
Jelly rolls are great for bag making and I am so pleased with the one my friend gave me in summer.
Your bag is nice and I am only sorry to hear you have developed a cotton allergy. You will need to wear a mask over your mouth, just like the Japanese when it is influenza season!!!

Marjolein said...

Nice colorful bag.
How nice you signed up for CQJP 2013.
I did too.

Monica said...

Pre-wash your fabric, Margaret, and I expect you will stop sneezing! I find that the dyes in batiks are especially irritating.

I love Dresden plates! I was just thinking about them this morning. I have one in my future too. :)

Createology said...

Beautiful new bag and with a great purpose. Try putting a dab of petroleum jelly on your nostrils before sewing as it helps the lint not irritate the nose linings. Weird but doctor advised for pollen season. Happy sewing...

shirley said...

Your bag is lovely I like the bright colours you have used. Pre-washing the fabrics and the petroleum jelly sound like good advice.

Wanda Maria Roszak said...

Margret, beautiful bag, you know that I love hot colors !.
And then other detail of my work.
Thank you for your visit, nice words, greets, :)))

Suztats said...

Such happy, bright colours! I think it will be fun to use your new bag. It'll cheer you up each time you see it.

Susan Hook said...

What a lovely bag for all your things , you have been busy!

KippysSoMature said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KippysSoMature said...

(here is the same comment that I deleted above; I had inadvertently written it as a reply - am so inept with technology!)
lovely (and functional!) bag you have made! I have wanted to try the CQ challenge - but am behind even on TAST...but was thinking that it is a block a month, so I might be better at that (or maybe wishful thinking?) - also, with a CQblock I can work passages into the block more easily than with TAST -
it is a JOY when you visit my blog (and it is a joy to visit yours) - thank you so much :)

Claudia said...

The bag is so lovely, I like the colours!
I got a Bernina 750, never had a Bernina before, but I think we will have a great time together! :-)

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Great looking bag Margaret and so nice and colourful!

Anneliese said...

Your bag is great fun and it will be so practical. I never sewed a bag for my cutting board - I should do it finally. And I see you are getting into the patchwork business. And in the future we will see your crazy blogs - I am looking forward to them.

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