Thursday, 15 November 2012


I have been rather lazy with my stitching this past week but did have a go at a hexagon that Janet M Davies put on her blog  sorry do not know how to put a link on.  Done over paper in the traditional English hand piecing way so takes a while to do. I must admit I found it very relaxing apart from pricking my finger periodically. I do wear a thimble but should have one on my left hand too.

This is of course the same block photoed (sorry about spelling but not in my dictionary but it looks wrong to me ) in 2 different ways, you can see how it has a different illusion,  I plan to put it on a bag but could find no suitable fabric when I went to buy some, maybe today I will have more luck, want something quite strong and hopefully in a tan colour or similar.

I did a single block first but I am not sure if it is the colours but it does not work so well


Pippas quilts said...

I do love these and cannot believe how just turning it upside down can give it such a different look. I like the pink as you say not so dramatic.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I love the pink one but it doesn't look as sharp as the others! :)

Judith said...

I love this design - and look forward to seeing the completed bag in due course. It must be the arrangement of the fabrics that you use that gives the optical illusion.

Marjolein said...

Nice optical illusion. Looks like a stairway.
The thing with the pink one is that the center hexagon should be turned to the left.
(60 degrees I think ;))

Annet said...

I like your hexagons. Marjolein is right about the pink hexagon, if you fix this it will look as pretty as the others!

Anita said...

Lovely piece margaret. It's all about placing the block correct to get the illusion.If you turn the pink block a little so that the plain pink is at the top you'll get it right I think.

Susan Hook said...

You are doing well with your patchwork, it all looks good, I like the pink one as well as the others.

Claudia said...

Great optical illusions! I like the English method is kind of meditation. I agree with Marjolein, the position of the pink rectangle is not okay. Hope you will find a lovely fabric.

Wanda Maria Roszak said...

Margaret, are these your beautiful geometric shapes, the color yellow, colors and fantastic execution, bravo, I greet :)))

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your design and material look really neat Margaret! Very nicely done :)

Margreet said...

Love the yellow blocks

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