Monday, 3 June 2013

more quilts

As I was asked for more I have done 2 more collages from the photos.  Needless to say I had forgotten how to do them so messed about for ages but think they have worked.

Trust you enjoy these,  the next lot will be from the quilt festival which is in august.

The purchase of a new camera was not a success and I took it back today and they refunded me minus the cost of the memory card. I was very disappointed as there was no software disc and no cable to connect the camera to the computer, the lead to buy separate which the shop did not sell was £18.99 plus postage and I could have got a much better camera with the extras included for less than the cost of this one plus the lead.    After talking to one or two people I decided to buy a new battery for my old sony camera which I have been happy with. Unfortunately it is coming from America so will not receive it for a while but hopefully the camera will work better with a new battery, fingers crossed anyway.


Judy McCarthy said...

Hope it works better too. Must have been disappointing with that other one.
We have a consumer organisation called "Choice" which I think you can look up on line, and they review all sorts of appliances.Perhaps that might help narrow your search for a new camera which suits your needs better.
PS Hope you use my comment form on side bar to send comments.Cheers

Nana said...

Too bad that it doesn´t have blue tooth, this way you wouldn´t need a cable. Stick to what you know and like and thanks for those quilts too.


Pippas quilts said...

The new batteries may well work I had a book sent from the states and they said a month but it was only a week so fingers crossed. Thanks for the montage of quilts.

Queeniepatch said...

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to show us more quilts. They are all and every one a jewel.
Buying a camera in not that easy it seems! I hope the new battery will give a new lease of life to your favourite camera instead.

Createology said...

Seeing so many quilts is just what the creative spark in me needs. Good Luck with the camera getting a new battery. Happy Week Dear...

Suztats said...

Nice peek at the quilts-thanks. Hope the new battery does the trick!

Anonymous said...

Can you buy card readers over there? Then no cable is needed. I've never used a cable with any of my digicams. I much prefer pulling out the card and using the card reader, though my current mac has a slot for the card already, so I just pop it right in.

Sandi said...

What a lovely collage of quilts, each one so different.
I have a card reader too (like desertskyquilts) - easy peasy. The reader fits right into any USB port on your computer. And it was quite cheap to buy.

Susan Hook said...

Fantastic quilts! shame about the camera, these things are so complicated some times, lets hope the new battery works for you.

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