Thursday, 13 June 2013

quilting blogs

this is just a word of warning to you all out there,  I sometimes stumble on blog that I think is worth following and one I recently added was   Linda`s quilts and things,    not sure what it is all about but instead of getting a quilt blog it opens up as       puyol messi   home loan calculator and it  is sending me things all the time which I seem unable to stop.  There is an email address in America but I can only email if I give loads of info plus my telephone number which it will not accept so I cannot get the email to send.  Just thought a word of warning to you all and if any one else has had a problem would love to know how you sorted it.  Will be much more careful in future who I follow.  There does not seem any way to get in touch with blogger to get it sorted for me.


Anneliese said...

Thank you, Margaret, it is good to know. I get somethimes anonymous comments with a link - which I am suspicious of. I delete!!!!

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Thanks....they are even more crafty than me! :) x

Claudia said...

Thank you so much, Margret! I always feel so sorry when good things like blogging is abused!

Susan Hook said...

Thanks for the advice Margaret, you never know who people are these days!

Nana said...

Maybe it has some kind of tracking cookie or whatever put into your computer. Thanks for warning.


Suztats said...

Thanks ofr the warning, Margaret. You might be able to go into your email program and block that address. Then you won't receive anything from them in your inbox. Just a thought. Good luck.

Boud said...

Anyone who has clicked on that link would be well advised to clear their cache and their cookies, as well as expunging all recent history on their computer. Just as a safeguard.

Annet said...

You can mark that address as spam in your emeil, so you don't get messages anymore. This is one of the reasons I'm a no-reply blogger!

Queeniepatch said...

I am so sorry to hear about your trouble. Follow the advice above and I hope that will help.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Aaaargh - so sorry to hear about this for you Margaret. I haven't had any problems so far but thanks for the well advised warning.

Createology said...

Thank you for the warning. I do not understand people who have to spoil good things for others. May you be rid of all the spam!

Cattinka said...

Oh no, what a mess, I hope you can fix it soon.

Pippas quilts said...

You could try going onto blog I am following and tick the unfollow this blog then when you get e mails do not open them just put in the spam or junk mail, every-time. DO NOT SEND YOUR PHONE NUMBER OR ADDRESS.

Kippy SoMature said...

thank you margaret - pippa's advice sounds like it may work -

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