Thursday, 6 June 2013

Tula Pink and biscornus.

I have been pressing on with my Tula Pink challenge and have now completed 9 blocks. This is a challenge as they are so small some pieces end up only half an inch wide but I`m enjoying the process ans think I can see improvement.

I purchased a jelly roll a few years ago and I am using some of that on these blocks as they only need small pieces.   9 down 91 to go!

I have also been asked to share some of the biscornu designs I have done so I am adding a collage of 8 of them

The one on the top row at the end is the original design for stitch magazine but the variegated thread I had used for it was no longer available so had to stitch it in another colour, I am glad about this as if they had used the original I would no longer have the biscornu.  .

I must now think about the CQJP for june,  I have decided to use an alium as the flower for the centre as they are looking glorious in the garden at thee moment. Mine will be a rough interpretation of the real thing.


Nana said...

Your blocks are very pretty and well and accurat sewed. I love your biscornus, all of them are so nice to look at and each one is individual.


Gaia said...

Hi Margaret, Your blocks are looking lovely, i do like the colour combination of the first one a lot. And, the biscornu collection is so beautiful, what a lot of amazing embroidery you have done!

Marjolein said...

Such cheerful colors for your blocks!
The one at the top is my favorite!

Mary Ellen said...

The blocks look very good. Nice and colorful.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

You are going great guns with those Margaret! :) x

Cattinka said...

Thanks for showing the biscornus, they all look very nice! And I think making them could become addictive. Do you sew them together by machine, or by hand? I tried it with the sewing machine today bud I didn´t like the result so I sewed it by hand and liked that a lot better.

Monica said...

I am definitely seeing an improvement in your piecing! They look very good. :)

An allium will be a great subject for your next CQJP block. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do!

Suztats said...

Wow! Nice piecing on those blocks! You have much more patience than I. I'm looking forward to seeing some allium magic.

Createology said...

How lovely your blocks are looking. Patience and persistence you must have in abundance to work on such tedious piecing. Fabulous Biscornus. I have never attempted making one. Happy Creative Hearts...

Jules said...

Well done on your blocks! I think your biscornus are really lovely, so beautifully stitched. Isn't it a good year for the alliums? Mine are looking really good too - it will be a great centre for your next CQ block.x

Pippas quilts said...

Wow the blocks are brilliant it is so hard with small pieces I can pull and push my bigger blocks to fit. Managed to get hold of the magazine stitch so now no excuse for not doing your design. Love the other designs that you have done.

Queeniepatch said...

You've been hard at it! Such small pieces and the seams come together perfectly.
Your biscornu collection is impressive.
Have fun with your new CQJP block.

Annet said...

Your block are so neat! I think the first block is my favourite.

Anonymous said...

Too tiny for me, but your blocks look wonderful! Love the fabrics and colors you're using. Very nice biscornu design you did. I don't xs, but I have a friend who designs them, too. Tales from Periphaeria is her blog, and there are links there to some of her free offers, as well as her patterns.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your blocks are all looking great Margaret. I too like the colours and design of the first one most of all. I looked for the latest Stitch magazine with your biscornu pattern in it but it hasn't arrived here yet. Hopefully soon. Your alium looks absolutely lovely :)

Kippy SoMature said...

Margaret - your work is beautiful! you are a great encouragement - 100 blocks! ? Wow - :D the ones you have completed are beautiful and surely as you near the #50 mark you will be flying - on the approach to 100 you will be a pro :D
lovely biscornu as well - thank you so much for sharing all these with us

crafty cat corner said...

Thanks Margie for the comment on my exposure by a cat !!! It gave a few people a laugh and we all need those don't we?
I love your patchwork blocks they are coming along really nicely.

Raewyn said...

These are pretty blocks! And nice to see the photos of all the biscornu as well - a great variety of designs.


Very Pretty Blocks indeed. Your Biscornu are truly very beautiful.. Lovely stitching. Hugs Judy

Susan Hook said...

You are getting really good now with your blocks, you have so many nice ones. The biscornus are lovely, they are something that I have never made and must try. I am going to Wigan on Wednesday so I will check out your design in the magazine!

Vicki Miller said...

I really love your biscornus. I am a bit of a pincushion addict and have at least two dozen

Woolly Soup said...

lovely quilt work and biscornus. I have always wanted to have a go at some biscornus i think there beautiful.

Jillian said...

I like the first and last blocks here the best - and the biscornus are really inspiring

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