Friday, 8 June 2012

birthday sampler

I have been working on the sampler for my daughter Catherine`s 40th birthday.
Have changed my mind a few times, it is all well and good doing the design on graph paper first but when you come to stitch it it does not necessarily work as I found this time.

I have cut down on the colours used, Catherine wanted  green but I was going to put some varigated thread in but it did not look right. have used DMC perle 8 for the kloisters in 905 and the rest is done with DMC flower thread 2905 & 2906 which are the 905 & 906 shades. Such a shame they stopped making these threads. Fortunately I bought quite a lot when they were being sold off. I find I stitch better using a single strand of thread so pick my threads by thickness.
Will be unpicking the cretan stitch but not sure what to replace it with and of course will be cutting the threads in the heart.
Feel I am now winning.   The God could not be everywhere so her made Mothers, Daughters,Sisters and Cats was chosen by Catherine which meant I could not do as much fancy stitching as I would have liked but also made it quicker to stitch.
Apologise for the quality of the photo but my camera does not like counted thread fabric.

Any advice on how to inprove this will be gratefully received.


Leelagovind said...

i feel like your sampler shows full of love for your dear b'day wishes to her in the pleasant green color..hope you will stitch a beautiful border to should be framed before you gift her:)..

Pippa's quilts said...

Sampler is beautiful coming on a treat.
Cannot help you with the I just point and hope for the best.

Pippa's quilts said...

the word camera has disappeared sorry.

Wanda-Maria Roszak said...
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Wanda-Maria Roszak said...
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shirley said...

Hi Margaret your sampler is coming along really well. I was surprised to see that my Catherine shares her birthday with your Catherine except mine was born in 1958...

Anita said...

Hi Margaret!
Your sampler is coming along beautifully.Are you planning a pulled thread/drawn thread center of the heart? I think you could try using a slightly darker shade for the cretan stitch or whatever stitch you've decided to put there to create a balance because 1st part looks slightly dull and the heart portion is bright.Anyways that's my view,am sure you'll come up with a beautiful sampler.Advance b'day wishes to your daughter :)

Faith said...

The sampler is lovely, I love the colour green its my favourite colour. Its so annoying when companies stop making products.
Im a hoarder on fabric, threads and beads too so its good to buy lots and lots when you can
Faithx (thankyou so much for visiting my blog)

Linda said...

Lovely sampler Margaret. I love that green as well. If I were doing this, I'd add a border to it prior to framing, just my opinion. The rest is really great. I love the flower thread too, but sadly don't have much of it.

Queeniepatch said...

Dear Margaret,
Thank you for looking up my blog and now being a follower, as I will be following yours.
You always give such good and kind feedback on Stitchin Fingers, it's a delight to see you there.
Now for this lovely sampler. Wow, your daughter will be delighted and she has chosen a good text to show the bond between mothers and daughters (and sisters and cats!).
If I were you, I would add a simple border, maybe a twining stem and leaves in green and a few flowers in pink or any other shade just to add a bit of colour/pizzazz. Will you fill the heart with something? Pulled work, another heart, or several smaller hearts?
Looking forward to seeing the progress. Good luck!

DIAN said...

What a wonderful gift. I have nothing more to add as far as advice is concerned. It looks lovely.