Tuesday, 2 July 2013

more patchwork blocks and potatoes

It is tuesday and I am a day late in doing my Tula Pink challenge,  have had the blocks stitched over a week now  but one I did a replacement for as I was even unhappier with it than some of the others.
block 16

the redo of block 17

block 17 discarded

block 18

block 17 in the 2 shades of blue I took apart a few times and redid , now I see it on the blog it does not look much worse than its repalcement. I must learn how to put the photo on without any table showing, discovered how to crop them  at last when I load them onto the challenge site today and think they look better, not so out of line etc.

My younger daughter Helen (37)  is moving into her first house tomorrow, she has been living in shared accommodation for a long time but has now got a mortgage and is feeling  `grown up`. I have been helping her pack, yesterday we worked long and hard packing all her books , clothes, kitchen things and bits and pieces,  fortunately not too much left to do today ready for the move tomorrow, we plan to bring everything downstairs and I have been good and written on the boxes where they are to go at the new house. Alfie her cat will come and stay with me tonight so he will not be too disturbed by the move, he loves coming here, won`t be surprised if he appears at my door when in the new house as it is a 5 to 10 min walk form me. Helen will also stay tomorrow night as her bed does not arrive till thursday. She has very little furniture of her own apart form her wardrobe,  chest of drawers,  dressing table and bedside cabinet which we bought for her years ago and we have fingers crossed the wardrobe will get up the stairs! Also has a fridge,  freezer, washing machine and 2 TV`s. We do not think the freezer will fit in the kitchen, previous owners have them side by side but Helen`s freezer we think is too wide. She has ordered a suite but we have to go and finalise everything this afternoon as it was ordered on the scheme that if the house fell through she would not have to have it but she got it at the sale price. Will now take 4 to 6 weeks for it to be made but she has an old couch which will do for the time being.
Thought I would share a photo with you all,    Helen is not one for cooking, being a nurse she does a lot of shift work and is not adverse to getting take aways,    the photo  is what she found in her potato bag which is meant to stop potatoes sprouting or going off!!
 Helen thinks I am mad as I take photos of odd things but who knows what this might inspire me to stitch, or maybe another blogger will be inspired!


Queeniepatch said...

What a great inspirational photo of the spouting spuds!
The blocks are looking OK to me, once they have been joined together and quilted they will look very different.
Good luck with the move and the new home. Great to have a cat coming to visit from time to time!

Susan Hook said...

Your blocks are looking ok to me Margaret, do not worry about them so much! All the best for your daughter in her new home, she will be company for you now that she is only a few doors away and more often than not the cat will be round to visit especially if you have a little treat for it!

Starr White said...

I love odd and unexpected things, Margaret, and I love the photo of the sprouting potatoes! Life always finds a way somehow, doesn't it? And your quilt blocks are great! I think your red and blue redo is much more interesting, but my favorite is the first one at the top. I love the fabrics you chose and their arrangement.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Quick quick, get those potatoes in a bag of muck, you might have enough for a plate of chips later in the year! :) x

Gaia said...

All the blocks looks lovely to me; I like the first block the most.

Since,I like painting I think the these potatoes are great for a still life painting or even a collage !!

Jill said...

I like the contrast of the redone block 17. The stitching looks fine in the photos. Congratulations to Helen on purchasing a house. I love the sprouting potatoes photo...my kids think I'm strange for some of the pictures I take :)

Annet said...

Just love the last photo!

Pippas quilts said...

Well done with the blocks I can see a you have worked really hard with them. Good luck to Helen with her move. You must both be very tired. Sprouting potatoes are great.

Anonymous said...

Interesting potatoes! Good luck to your daughter in her new home. Sounds like a nice walk for good weather. I like your blocks, but the red and blue one does look a *little* crisper. I don't think I'd have redone it for that, but now you have two anyway. =)

Susan In Texas said...

I hope the move goes smoothly and everything fits perfectly. The block you discarded is my favorite one! I love the blue on blue colors. My potatoes always end up sprouting too; I have such great plans to cook, then we eat out instead. Life happens!

Take care,
Susan in Texas

Jillian said...

I like your blocks and the potato photo is inspiring. I'm not much help on the accuracy issue - one of the reasons I'm not a quilter is I don't want to stress about accuracy in cutting and piecing. To me, what you do is amazing.

motidana said...

Great going Margaret. You have been busy as a bee , making those wonderful blocks and helping Helen to move . I love the block 17 and the colors you have used in both are lovely . The photo of the potatoes is lovely too and am eagerly waiting to see what inspiration you come up with . Happy stitching !

Woolly Soup said...

great photo of potatoes, they made me laugh, there roots are very stitch like I surpose my potatoes at the allotment are in flower at the moment, very pretty they are too, who would have there was beauty in potatoes, very funny.
wonder what surprise photo opportunities await you in her new house, nothing to scary i hope. good look to your daughter in her new home I hope the cat likes it too.

Anita said...

Your blocks look lovely,I think it'll look different in a quilt...Like others I too love the potato sprout picture...

Jen said...

Hello Margaret, I love your blocks and fabrics. I think my favourite is block 16 and I can't wait to see the finished quilt.
The sprouted potatoes are great. I am not sure about the potato bag.

Anneliese said...

I love your work with the blocks -and now the potato photos -gorgeous, it is just the thing which inspires. Lovely photo. And Margaret, no one of your comments is too much, even if you repeat something. Thanks for them so much. Love to read them.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

All of your blocks look really good to me Margaret and I especially like the blues of block 17. Hope the move goes well and everything fits.

Createology said...

I am enjoying seeing your quilt blocks. Hmmm...I don't think the potato bag is working properly. Good luck with the move.

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