Tuesday, 9 July 2013

pinwheels and Tula

It is time to add my latest three Tula Pink blocks, when I load them to the sew sweetness blog each week I have to load them from flickr and I am able to remove the background and square them up but have not found how to do that here.

this block is not as crocked as it looks on the photo I have not trimmed any yet, will wait till the end and see what I am going to do with them.

pleased with this one, sorry about the thread, did not notice it till now.

this one is rather boring!
Have decided that doing small blocks is more difficult than the bigger ones, thought little would be easier but these have changed my mind, sometimes there as as many as 24 pieces of fabric so loads and loads of  seams. But I will not be defeated and plan to do all 100,   a big big challenge for me but enjoying it, maybe enjoying is not the right description!

A few months ago I bought the pinwheel magic 4.5" template and then could not work out how to use it but the other day it was being promoted on create and craft again and have now got my act together and have done it a few samples of the three shapes it makes, once again the poly cotton came out, they take more fabric than I expected and the A block has quite a bit of wastage which will go into the little scrap stash I am collecting.

this one I used 3 fabrics on  template A

this is template A again with just 2 fabrics.

here is template B

this is from template C

My favourite is template A and can see me doing some more of these but have not worked out about colours or if I can make a few all different and will they go together okay or will the pinwheels not be seen if multi coloured,   any information will be greatfully received.

Helen`s move went well, delayed by a day but she is in and loves it.We are still unpacking, I have had 2 days off since a week last monday and feeling very tired but at least it is only 10 mins walk away rather than over an hour and 2 buses from where she lived before. Will go round this afternoon, she has been on a night shift last night so plans to have a sleep this morning then plod on in the afternoon.  I took the lawn mower round on sunday and cut the lawns and also removed loads of dandelions, previous people obviously did not do much with the garden but they had a wonderful trellis with clematis, roses and other things growing, unfortunately the flowering is almost over but here is a photo anyway.

we have to bend our heads to get into the further part of her garden, you can see the rose, they are massive but past their best.Helen thinks she is going to do away with this trellis I do hope she changes her mind, need to find out about pruning and see if we can keep it.

one of the roses, unfortunately no scent but large and beautiful


Judys Lace Creations said...

Lots of interesting blocks here Margie. I have begun to make things for a local charity, so I haven't started my crazy patch blocks yet.just wanted to make something for them quickly before getting back to patchwork.It's a new area for me, but I find I am liking it.Yhis blog has no Google + i tried to get rid of Google plus, but it seemed so complicated it was driving me mad!!So I just left it as is.maybe one day when I have a few hours to kill I will try again to remove it.

WandarArt.Stitch said...

Magaret, lots of work you do, but it's very pretty. Beautiful you have a house, garden with beautiful nature, where you rest the midst of healthy air, love and respect!

Margo Brooks said...

I absolutely love your second Tula black. That green is great contrast! And your first A template block is also stunning. Not much contrast, which makes finding the pinwheels so much fun! I love pinwheels. They are so much fun.

Cattinka said...

It would be a pity to get rid of the rose, it is such a big healthy plant.
I like your pinwheels, and I have seen many pinwheel quilts in different colours and I like them very colourful. If you google "twister quilt" you will find lots of pretty examples.

motidana said...

The blocks are lovely , and I love the blue pinwheels the best . Reminds me of the clear blue sky and the whirring windmills in the horizon.
The rose looks lovely , and I think the garden will look eautiful after some tendering from you and your daughter. Do post some more pictures .

Mary Ellen said...

Your blocks look great. Regarding the pinwheels, you have learned a valuable lesson about contrast and value. The middle block has little contrast and the pinwheels get lost. A shame because then you hard work is for naught.

I vote for keeping the rose - but with a healthy pruning.

Lady Locust said...

100 blocks - wow. Must be a large quilt when it's finished... Maybe she could just prune back around the trellis and see how it works for a year before sending it to the dump. I'm a softy - if something likes to grow, I let it - other than weeds of course, that's why I have daisies in my walk way.


Hello Margaret, All the block are great. I think you could do some heavy pruning on the rose bush over the trellis and it was be good... Pruning does roses a world of good. Have a great week and Summer. Hugs Judy

Gaia said...

Your blocks are looking great, Margaret. I do like the pinwheel A and also the one on the top with pink flower combinations.Once all these blocks are done, are you going to join them ?

Annet said...

Nice blocks. Don't worry about the boring one, you need some of those in a quilt too.

Createology said...

Today I must be in a pink frame of mind as I am loving your pink block and the pink pinwheel. I have seen the pinwheel on YouTube but never tried it. Complicated and I do not seem to get along. :o)
Lovely days to you dear...

Chyfey said...

Loving the blocks,favourite one is your first one ,and try to get Helen to keep the trellis its gorgeous ,just needs trimming or should I say taming

Jillian said...

Template A is my favourite, especially the two colours, though I suspect he three colours willmcomebinto it's own when joined up. Roses are great

Pippas quilts said...

You have had another busy week. the improvement in your blocks is great really worth doing. Colour is such a personal choice, I am reading up on colour theory now as I struggle with it a lot.
You need to find out when the clematis flowers you will then know how to prune and by how much. Not so important with the roses I think they just get pruned after flowering.

Susan Hook said...

Hi Margaret, you have got some nice blocks there, I like you like the template A the best, may be it is the colours that you have used, colour makes such a difference to anything it is a hard thing to get right sometimes. I am glad the move went well, I hope that your daughter keeps the trellis, it is a nice feature.

Queeniepatch said...

You are certainly getting a lot of sewing done! Well done! The boring block is at least unusual!, and like Annet says, you need such a block sometimes to see the beauty of the others.
As for the pinwheels, they can be put together to make 'other' patterns, but if you really want a block to stand out in spite of using the same fabric, why not put sashing between the blocks?
A tamed rose garden with the trellis in place would add a lot of enjoyment to the whole neighbourhood.

Raewyn said...

I love your pinwheel magic blocks - I have a ruler too but I haven't had a chance to play with it yet. Beautiful rose photo!

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