Sunday, 26 May 2013

and more eye candy quilts

As requested I am adding more quilts, have worked hard this morning trying to make small collages and finally got it right. Not sure I do it the right way but managed to condense 19 photos into 3 collages.

That was so much quicker to load and success at last! Hope you do not mind them being done this way, can post photo if requested to do so if you need a closer look!

I also had one or to requests to share the fabric I bought whilst away so here are 2 more photos.

Looking at the first photo the four fabrics from top to bottom on the left were bought to use together, top 2 on the right I just could not resist, one with daffodils and one with daisies   these are all half meters and the bottom 2 fat quarters of cats, my younger daughter likes the grey one for a cushion but did not like the colour of the other one so will keep that for myself.!
The second photo is of the fabric I bought in one of the many fabric shops n Shepherds Bush, once again I bought half meters as it was such a good buy. I think next time I go to London I will have to take a bigger case as the choice of fabric is so amazing down there. Just as well I live far away.

Not sure if I mentioned I also got a cutting mat 12" by 18", struggle with the one I have as it has two dark sides, this one has one dark and one light so when cutting dark fabrics it will make life easier.Could not justify the larger size as I already have it for general use and it would have been difficult to bring it home as it took a bus, 2 undergrounds trains,a coach and final bus! But it was so so worth all the travelling, still not come down to earth from a wonderful time with Cheryl.
I found some coats crochet cotton 20`s in the market at Shepherds Bush for only £1 a ball, great buy, shame they had so few colours but will get tatting with them soon,  good to do whilst soaking up the sun in the garden, my plan for this afternoon prior to the rain that is due back tomorrow.


Nana said...

Wonderful quilts! Great fabrics and I can understand alot why you love the new cutting mat. This is something I don´t like myself with the dark fabrics. Maybe you can show us too with a foto.

One thing:
You´re in England... I always thought you have a different time then we have (one hours difference) and I always thought you do not have the metric system. Hm. I was surely wrong big time.


Queeniepatch said...

Good choice of fabric! I believe I have some of the red rose fabric.
The quilt collages are showing more stunning quilts. The first one, top left corner, must surely be a Michelle Hill inspired William Morris quilt. I also love the black and white square quilt in the second picture.
I wouldn't mind seeing even more collages! If you don't mind, that is.

Margo Brooks said...

These are gorgeous and so intricate! Isn't it surpriing sometimes to see all your work together and realize just exactly how much time and love you have poured into them?

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Beautiful quilts and beautiful fabric choices! I'm sort of glad I don't live close to fabulous shops too.

Boud said...

These are great blogposts! and now it's my turn to ask a techie question: how do you make collage photos? I often have a stream of pix and my readers would probably appreciate my abbreviating it into a few collages. Yours are great and do give all the visual information we need, too.

Jules said...

Great collages - and some very pretty fabrics too Margie.!x

Anneliese said...

So you can be called "master of collages". Bravo, it is good like that, all in one

Anneliese said...

.... here it goes on: I can even enlarge them with my very much treasured iPad - very sharp. Thanks for showing also the fabrics. I know now what you will be working with the next months. (I still can't correct mistakes in this window)

Vicki Miller said...

What a gorgeous lot of quilts you have shared in your blogs about the quilt show trip. Loving all of it

Susan Hook said...

I love all the quilts, you will soon be making quilts like these Margaret with all your lovely blocks that you are making!

Cattinka said...

I like the collages of the quilts you made. You really took nice pictures of some great quilts!

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