Saturday, 19 April 2014

sassy triangles, CQJP april, assorted blocks

May I wish you a joyous Easter celebrating the resurection of our Lord Jesus Christ.     Do not eat too many eggs!

I have now joined the rows on the triangle project with the Sassy quilter.  More than that I have the quilt tacked to the wadding and backing.   I have used cotton bump, not tried it for a quilt before, it is rather thick and as this is going to be for keeping me warm in the kitchen it might be too heavy,   time will tell.

The star on the collage is the left over from when I trimmed the sides.  The white brushed cotton cord is the backing fabric,  thought it would work well, it has little coloured hearts all over it. Sorry about the wind, it was persistent in blowing when I tried to take the photo.

I have also finished off the CQJP block for april 

I plan to put a spider in the web when completing the hanging,  not sure whether it will be beaded or tatted yet

I have also been following the quillow on create and craft that Jennie Rayment is doing,   we should have done 9 blocks by now but I have only done 8, the one missing is a celtic design,  I have not mastered the bias strips that have to be very narrow so I will substitute another block,  we have one more to do that goes on the back of the quillow,  I will use this on the front and do my own thing on the back!  The five pointed star should also have had binding on but I backed mine with interfacing instead.

 sorry about the sizes of them  they are all the same size in real life,  must have stood nearer to some that others when photoing,   thought a collage was the best way to show them or you would have been here all day looking at photos when you should all be stitching!!  The hexagons were done on the sewing machine    managed the Y seams better than I thought I would, we also had to use them on the goose tracks block.  So what we have here are   petal pattern,  kaleidescope,  dresden plate,  hexagons,  goose tracks,  pineapple,  5 pointed star and bears paw. 


Lady Locust said...

I'm a bit envious:) You are getting so much accomplished. Can't wait to see the plum and green sampler all put together. I have never attempted a pineapple as it looks pretty tedious. Was that one difficult? So many stitches ... so little time.

crafty cat corner said...

Crumbs! you've been busy, all lovely though.

Cattinka said...

I like your triangle quilt a lot, you have used such nice fresh coulours in it.
Happy Easter!

Stitching Lady said...

Very nice triangle quilt.

Stitching Lady said...

...and I wanted to say more: I like also the April block and a spider will be fun to see.

Stitching Lady said...

...modern way to comment - because can't correct - so several times. ---- the spider, fun, it can't crawl away.. Happy Easter, dear Margaret!

deanna7trees said...

i love the star you created from the leftovers. and the wind adds something special to the seeing it in 'real life'.

Queeniepatch said...

You have really come a long way. Those classic blocks you show at the end all look perfectly stitched - the pineapple is not easy! So well done, Margaret.
The spider will find its way onto your cq block, just you wait!
The triangle quilt is so colourful and nice.
Happy Easter, dear Margaret.

Jillian said...

You are amazing, Margaret. I like the April block a lot and your qwillow

Anita said...

Your triangle quilt is so beautiful,love the star though.
Dresden plate is one of my favorite block.I've tried the pineapple one and I know how difficult it was for me to get that correct,your looks fantastic .
You have come a long way as a quilter Margaret,have fun and enjoy the week end.

Jane said...

I've never used it before, so it will be interesting to hear what you think. The quillow should look really good with those blocks

cottonreel said...

Just bumped in to you at Crafty cat corner .
The stuff you are doing is very good
Power to your elbow

J Honda said...

Happy Easter!! JOY!!
your work continues just beautifully :)

Createology said...

Hello Margaret. Your triangle quilt will be lovely and warm. I adore that you have hearts for the backing. Your blocks of many styles are wonderful. How fun for you to make one of each and know that you can have them turn out so nicely. Beautiful April CQ and finished early. Creative Stitching Bliss Dear...


Hello Margaret, Your CQ block is fantastic. What kind of stitch did you create with the shades of pink thread?? I can work it out. Your blocks of many styles are wonderful. Hugs Judy

Marie said...

Clever use of your scraps to create a star - love the triangles and the Crazy Patch block too.

cottonreel said...

Hi Margie , re the gardening and spring bulbs . I leave them at the top of my garden but along the patio they have to come out to make way for lovely snapdragons.
My bag is pretty easy to make , here so
24x6" sqs. joined as a flat piece
Thin wadding and machine quilted
Not lined at this stage
cut 2 strips 4"x20" fold lengthways ,machine and turn ,turn in the ends and press with the seam underneath .then stitch onto bag about 5"down.
This is for a drawstring .
Cut a lining same size as bag ,
Join lining leaving a long opening for turning.
Join sides of bag
Square off the bottom corners of bag and lining
Put lining and bag inside each other right sides tog,.
Stitch around top
Turn through the opening
press top edge and top stitch
add handles to preferred length
Add ties through the tie channels , close seam in lining.
There you are !! a bag in no time at all
I hope I see one on your blog