Wednesday, 23 July 2014

crazy quilting

Today I would like to share first of all a photo of my beautiful granddaughter Sal     here she is about to go to here prom.

It seems strange that she has reached the age of 16, does not seem long ago that we welcomed her into the extended family,  my only grandchild.

Today is her Mum`s birthday,  even more amazing that it is 42 years since Catherine was born.

We now wait to see how well Sal has done in her GCSE`s and what she will do next,  a few ideas floating around from doing A levels to health and beauty,  the police force was considered but this seems unlikely due to her ankle that was so badly broken 2 years ago,  she is still unable to play contact sport and is not a lover of exercise anyway, the police force needs you to be pretty agile!

I am a very proud grandmother.

Now for my CQJP piece for july

I am also sharing the little bunny quilts BOM which this month is a Martha Washington star

I am enjoying this BOM, I expect it has something to do with having my background fabric green which is my favourite colour and I got a massive piece of this fabric,  think it was £5, the man was clearing out his warehouse,  when I washed the fabric and checked there was over 8 metres in the piece so a fantastic buy   100% cotton too.

We are enjoying a lovely hot spell here in Leeds,   schools have now broken up so no doubt the weather will change now the children are home for 6 weeks.   I thought I would share a few photos of the plants in my garden which when I moved in was just privet hedges, grass and weeds.

this is a close up of a rose bush I bought in memory of my dear Mum.   It has been in the garden for nearly 7 years and has the loveliest  flowers plus a nice scent.

here is my magnolia, another rose bush, the tree trunk is a gum tree which I need to cut down as if it were to fall in the wind it would land on my next door neighbour`s greenhouse.  I will crop it then keep in pruned as a bush, hopefully that  will work. Like to have a gum tree as my Dad was born and brought up in Australia.Memory has deserted me for the moment  re the other bush oh yes   memory back I think it is a fatsia japonica.

This is the top of the back garden,  the fence was put up last year as there were privets that were tree size that I could not maintain. The oak tree will take years to establish, must have been in 5 years now also there is a holly, broom, white lilac. pieris, large rose bush and other bits and pieces, to the left I have planted a silver birch and to the left is a  mountain ash (I think) that has got berries on for the first time this year. I also have 2 apple trees, one cherry, 2 pear and 1 plum,  apples are doing well, no pears and 5 plums,  all the cherries the birds have eaten.  Various other shrubs etc down the sides of the garden,  will share some more photos another day

this is the rose bush that the earlier photo is of. Also a hydrangea which the rose is tending to take over, will prune the rose right back when it is time to prune,  and a mahonia

                                                           What a beauty this hydrangea is

think that is enough for today  I will be sharing the 6   yes 6 flimsies I now have waiting to be quilted in my next blog


crafty cat corner said...

Love the puple block, that's one colour way that I haven't tried yet.

motidana said...

Beautiful block Margaret . And I love your garden . It is so full of color and looks really beautiful with those roses and hydrangeas .
Sal is sure to turn heads , she`s so pretty . And wish Catherine on her birthday on my behalf, and lots and lots of years of happiness

Nana said...

Gandmothers are so important and I miss mine alot here and there. And indeed, she is very pretty!


Patricia Lines said...

Nice block! I should get back to some handwork. You have some great plants in the garden. Love the rose!

Pippas quilts said...

What a beautiful girl your granddaughter is hope she enjoyed her prom. Wow that was a bargain with the green fabric. Great blocks.
You have packed so many wonderful plants into your garden. Lily of the valley was my mums favourite. Enjoy your gardening.

Lady Locust said...

What a pretty girl:) Also, your garden looks lovely. Do you know what kind of rose that is? The colour is just beautiful.

Gaia said...

The blocks are looking lovely, I like the purple a lot with all the embellishments.
Best wishes to your granddaughter, and many happy returns of the day to Catherine!!

Renata's arts and crafts said...

OMG !! Margaret , she's so beautiful hope she will have all the luck in life and make you proud for more years to come .
Your stitching is beautiful as always and color combination is great .

Anita said...

Beautiful blocks! you have a lovely garden.Your grand daughter is so beautiful and hope she had a great and fun prom :) My b'day wishes to Catherine.

Bev said...

Beautiful grand! Sixteen! I have tons of grands and the oldest is 28! The youngest is 4! They grow up so fast. Love your BOM block. I'm doing the Aurifil BOM with pink. I decided that green would be the next color that I pick for a BOM series. Good to see yours! XO

Diana @ Red Delicious Life said...

Such a beautiful garden, beautiful blocks, and beautiful granddaughter. Thanks for sharing.

Queeniepatch said...

Congratulations Granny and Sal!
Your July block as a lot of interesting stitches, you have made it a TAST sampler!
Great is your garden as well. I hope you can keep the plants well in the heat.

Jillian said...

Two more great blocks. The green works really well - a real asset and bargain. Your garde - and granddaughter- are beautiful.

Rebecca in AK said...

Sal is just beautiful! You must be a proud grandma! A happy birthday to your daughter! Love the purple crazy block and your green fabric in the other, you really got a great deal on that fabric! Thank you for sharing photos of your beautiful garden. I love that rose!!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

The garden looks lovely, and the granddaughter even more so !!!! Hope she gets the results she wants !

Monica said...

Sal looks great all dressed for prom! I love her hairstyle, very elegant.

And what a beautiful rose! You captured it just at the perfect moment. Great post!

Jane Galley said...

Lovely CQ block, great colour. Someone was saying, this weather was here for about three weeks, not bad for summer holidays

Séverine said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful.
You must like setting in the garden to sew.
Your crazy is lovely, I love the colors, I just begin mine.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Beauty all around and especially your granddaughter!


A very lovely grand daughter. Happy birthday to your daughter, beautiful crazy quilt block. Wonderful stitching, hugs Judy

Radka said...

Your granddaughter is very pretty. Yap,they do grow fast :-)
I like your little purple number.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers, beautiful granddaughter. Love your CQ block. I'm going to look at a larger picture, if I can figure out how!

Kippy SoMature said...

Wonderful Congratulations to Sal! and Happy Birthday to your daughter! A proud grandmother indeed - I am thrilled for you and your family Margaret :D
beautiful photos of your garden - helps just a bit to be "cool" when you have lovely plants and flowers around - and look how much has grown since you mentioned you first moved there! and your quilt work -super ! always an inspiration to me Margaret, you are - I feel it is such a big project to upload photos or even take a stitch or two, then I see your productivity, and I am greatly encouraged to pick up the pace!!! thank you for that :)

deanna7trees said...

how lucky you are to have a beautiful granddaughter. and such a beautiful garden. i tamed down my garden after i retired so not much to take care of out there anymore. just minimal maintenance.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Oh Margaret, you granddaughter is gorgeous and such a lovely dress.

Susan Hook said...

What a beautiful granddaughter you have, you must be so proud and I am sure that she will do well.Your blocks are lovely and your flowers are gorgeous it is so nice to be able to sit out and enjoy the garden for a change!

Starr White said...

Hi Margaret! Sal is so lovely, and very lucky to have such a sweet granny who loves her so much. My grandmother was the most important person in my life, and I miss her every day.
And thanks for a peek into your lovely garden as well - love the roses and hydrangeas.

Lilian said...

Time really does fly. I suppose that the best you can do is to make the most of it. You've certainly been productive on the quilting front :) Lovely to see how much you've progressed.

Createology said...

A very proud Grandmother and Mother you should be. Lovely and Sweet Sixteen. I adore being a Grandmother and I miss my Grandma so very much. Blessings Dear...

shirley said...

Sal is stunning Margaret, and looks so beautiful in her gown. i am sure she will do well not matter what path she chooses and you will continue to be proud of her.
That fabric was a real bargain and makes a nice background.
I just love your garden, it is a little eden and you must get a lot of pleasure from it.

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