Sunday, 3 November 2013

casalguidi and hardanger

I am today going to share a few items I made in the casalguidi technique and also a few more hardanger cushions.    These have been made for a while now, just never bogged with them before and I feel now I am on the quilting journey I never seem to finish anything to share with you that is finished.

this is a favourite of mine,  it is in the same colour as the green cushions I have on my bed and is on the bedroom wall in a frame that is a darker shade of the fabric. I put wadding behind it to give it a bit of a lift, think it works well

I worked this piece as a sample and then it lay around for ages decided to make it into  a little bag measuring 6. 75" by 9. 25",  the fabric was a bit I had dyed.

I went through a phase of making these little pouches, not much use for anything but they sit very nicely in a large dish I have in the lounge, this one measures 5. 75" by 3. 75". I have lined it with a piece of dyed poly cotton.

this green one is similar to the blue one measuring 6. 5" by 3. 5" and lined with dyed poly again

This pink one Helen my younger daughter claimed, it is a bit bigger than the other two

this is a set of four cushions I made for the 2 couches in my lounge,  they are all the same size  but different designs.  I do  not draft onto paper but start in the middle and go where the needle takes me, it seems to work quite well.   I have decided the cushion pads are not full enough so must get some more, think they need to be bigger as well.  When I look at the hardanger I have done it makes me smile as I get so much pleasure from this technique.

Sorry about the photos, photography is not my forte!! The cushions I put on the floor but seem to have been a bit skimpy with them


Nana said...

Hardanger is not seen very often nowadays, but to me it always looks lovely. The other technique I have never ever seen before and looks very interesting.


motidana said...

Hi Margaret ;
The casalguidi pouches are lovely , especially the green one . It reminds me of a trellis fence from which ferns have sprouted .
The hardanger pillows are lovely too .Looks like beautiful inlay work on marble which is seen in the lovelt Taj Mahal.

The Pied Pedlar said...

Such beautiful work, I am not a hand sticher but love to see other peoples work

Mosaic Magpie said...

Your handwork is lovely, the little pouches would be nice for jewelry or even a sachet if filled with lavender.
What is the technique of the first photo? The green piece that hangs on your bedroom wall...looks very interesting.

Jen said...

Hello Margaret .Your hardanger is amazing just beautiful you are very talented with this work . I wish I could do it, I love to see the hardanger work.

Sparklyjools said...

These are lovely. The little pouches are super and so effective. Your hardanger is wonderful, and I especially like the green casalguidi picture. I love to see your embroideries, thank you for sharing.x

Starr White said...

So many lovely things!! I'm amazed at how productive you are, and how many different techniques you use. You must be a very diligent worker!

Mary Ellen said...

Well, hardanger is a term I know and a technique I have personally done. But casalguidi? No idea. I googled it and found a wonderful tutorial on the topic. All before my morning coffee! Your work is fantastic and needless to say, your eyesight as well.

Boud said...

Can you talk more about casalguidi? I never heard of it. Your work is lovely, very adventurous.

Suztats said...

I so enjoyed seeing your hardanger pieces, and the casalguidi bags. I love the movement your stitches create. It's a technique I've wanted to try ( I want to try them all!)

Margo Brooks said...

I love that first piece. It is precious. I've never heard do casalguidi either. I think I'll have to learn more. The pillows are gorgeous too.

Séverine said...

Your embroideries are wonderful, I love your caslguidi work.

Gaia said...

This is first time I heard about casalguidi and your piece is so pretty. I love the embroidery work on those pouches, so pretty.

Wendy said...

Such beautiful work! Casalguidi is not something I know much about, a form of whitework?

Judith said...

Beautiful work Margaret. I especially love the little casalguidi pouches. It's a lovely idea which I may borrow for my own casalguidi samples. They would make good little lavender bags.

Stitching Lady said...

Hello Margaret, you know to surprise me with your lovely and expert work. I can*t tell you how much I like your Casalguidi little bags. So charming.

Raewyn said...

Gosh your stitching is so beautiful - you have some lovely items around your home. I haven't heard of the Casalguidi technique before, it sure is pretty.

Annet said...

Thanks for sharing these beauties! It's always nice to see your stitches.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Margaret, your little pouches are so very sweet. I am such a fan of your Hardanger as well and plan to try it one day after I have surmounted my many UFOs. Focus Connie!

shirley said...

Your casalguidi work is beautiful Margaret, I am always amazed when I see your Hardanger. You are a master of that technique.

Createology said...

Your stitched pieces are amazing. I had never even heard of Casalguidi yet now see it is beautiful. Lovely pieces to savor. Creative Stitching Bliss...

Queeniepatch said...

Thank you for showing us your treasures. The stitching is so neat and I agree with Motidana - there is a kind of marble elegance in both the Hardanger and Casalguidi. I am full of admiration for your way of working the Hardanger; there is 100% talent there!

Anonymous said...

Very nice things you've shown. You are talented in many areas!

Vicki Miller said...

Margaret, you were born with a needle in your hand. Your stitching never ceases to amaze me. Gorgeous

Chyfey said...

Margaret ,how come you never showed us these stunning pieces of embroidery.You have a real talent for both styles of embroidery.


Hello Margaret, All your work is "Exquisite".. I especially love the Pink one too.. Hugs Judy

Anita said...

Lovely pouches Margaret! I like the first pattern more than the others.Beautiful hard anger cushions as well! It's amazing that you don't draw the pattern before and stitch as you go...Wow!You have it in you dear,keep rocking!

Susan Hook said...

Hi Margaret, sorry for my late comments but for some reason the computer wouldn't let me put any comments on your blog, I had no problem with any other only yours but it is working ok today! I love your little bags, I have not come across casalguidi, it makes an interesting texture to your work. your cushions are very nice too, you have a tallent for the hardanger!

Jillian said...

The cushions are truly lovely - really beautiful work. The pouches are a nice idea. I especially like the sampler one.

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