Friday, 8 March 2013

tast stitches

I have finally caught up with the tast stitches from SF.  They are square herringbone 53,  laced square herringbone 54,buttonholed herringbone 55, sailor stitch 56 and sailor edging stitch 57.

I own up to struggling with the laced herringbone, if I tried to do it once I tried 5 times but the instructions did not seem to make sense then after a few days break I went back to it and I seemed to have no problems!!   confused brain syndrome.

Problems too with the buttonholed herringbone, it would not sit nicely, the thread kept twisting, seems strange as when I did the beaded hedebo edge sample there did not seem to be a problem and I used perle thread for both.  No problem with the sailor stitches, had not come across these before, good to have a stitch I had not heard of.
Apart from the buttonholed herringbone I used a rayon type random dyed thread for the other stitches. I bought these threads years ago at a show in London, have about 10 but have never used them as they are so slippery, what a waste must use them more.
Stranded cottons I rarely use either and have loads of them but I do not like working with more than one strand at a time, maybe it is time to donate them to a charity or something but I am sure to want one if I do that!

Herringbone square around the outside with a smaller one inside each square, the laced ones are in the centre with small squares scattered around them

buttonholed herringbone stitch

sailor stitch, the first 4 rows and sailor edging stitch the next 2 rows and the squiggly bit!


Melissa said...

I really like your buttonholed herringbone stitches, nice and scalloped! :-D

Queeniepatch said...

You've made such a beautiful showcase of the various Herringbone stitches. The Buttonhole Herringbone can twist and drive you crazy. If you don't like it, I think you can cheat and do the Hedebo Edge stitch instead, as you know the loop is different and less likely to twist.
I'm behind you now, but will post my Sailors soon!

Gaia said...

I do love the sailor stitch variations.

Jillian said...

I like all of these samples, especially the sailors and buttonholed herringbone. The thread looks good - but I hate working with acrylics!


Hello Margaret. My favorite is the buttonhole Herringbone stitch. Your stitches are very very lovely. Have a great weekend. Hugs Judy

latha said...

All your samples are very pretty!!! Herringbone square and laced one are done neatly and colors used are too good.

Mary Ellen said...

Beautiful and intricate stitching!

Annet said...

Lovely sampler, Margaret! Queenie already adviced you about the buttonholed herringbone, I wanted to say the same thing. I like your herringbone square design.

Isabelle said...

your works are all perfect. I especialy love the first one.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

All your stitching looks great! I especially like your herringbone square piece and the colour thread you chose. Very nice :)

Claudia said...

I like all your stitches and your color choice, Margret!

susie said...

I just love those colors! and the stitches are simply perfect.
I know what you mean about thread preference...there really is a difference in them but your work is wonderful! have a great stitchin' weekend, I'll see you around on sf.
hugs, susie

Starr White said...

Wonderful stitching, Margaret! Maybe one day I will be game enough to try some of them!

Radka said...

Well done, nice lot of stitching!

Pippas quilts said...

Fabulous stitching love the squiggly bit.

Mrs. B. said...

Well caught up. I'm still way behind! Lovely samplers, particularly the Herringbone examples.

Marjolein said...

Nice design with the square herringbone and laced square herringbone. I wonder if these stitches can be incorporated in a hardanger piece?

Susan Hook said...

Your stitching was worth all the effort it looks lovely!

Stitching Lady said...

You made beautiful samples. I must look up the differece between Hedebo edge and buttonholed herringbone, that Queenie describes. It is not at all clear to me.

Radka said...

Beautiful laced square :-)

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